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9 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs

“I do not have anything to wear!” You’ll never say that again with these fashion classics. Best of all: With just one click, you can shop for your favorite items immediately

They are not subject to fashion essentials and always look good: garments earned the nickname “classics” for a good reason. We think every woman needs at least one piece from each category in her closet. 

The Striped Shirt

Wonderfully French and genuine all-around talent. Striped shirts go just as well with a casual look with jeans as they do with a chic pencil skirt. By the way: Mademoiselle Chanel herself discovered the striped shirt on Breton fishers in the 30s (hence the name Breton shirts). The sleeves can be short or long, and the cut is ideally a little looser. 

The Blue Jeans

Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend – no matter what shape is currently in trend: find your favorite model that fits perfectly. With one exception: deep-seated, low-cut jeans belong in the 90s. And that’s where they should stay. 

The White Shirt

Nothing may sound as dull as a white t-shirt, but nothing looks as cool and stylish as this fashion staple. With a skirt, under a dress, and trousers, it always fits and looks casual. A white shirt made from a silk or cashmere blend can refine a look. 

The Knit Sweater

Cuddly soft, and so lovely and warm: A good knitted sweater is the most loyal companion on cold days and cool summer nights. Do you find this fashionable classic “pure” too dull? Style it with a shirt with a pointed collar in a contrasting color or choose a bright color – a good mood is guaranteed. We recommend investing in a quality variant. Maybe even in Kashmir? A large-cut sweater also looks great over a cute summer dress!

The Silk Blouse

 job interview, a chic dinner, or a visit to the in-laws – a silk blouse always looks ladylike but more relaxed than a dress. However, don’t compromise on quality: while cotton and wool are uncomplicated, silk does not forgive the poor quality. Cheap or alternative material (polyester) warps quickly when worn, and you sweat more.

The Leather Jacket 

biker-style leather jacket immediately turns every outfit into “cool” and is the perfect fashion essential for a successful break-in style, such as with feminine dresses. Stay away from the blouson shape unless you work in a boxing studio. Leather jackets in light colors like beige or pink go well with summer. The suede look, in particular, is great with summer dresses.

The Blazer

More grown-up than a cardigan, classier than a leather jacket: a blazer adds dignity to any outfit. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the fit on the shoulders – this is how a connoisseur will immediately unmask a lousy cut. Our tip: Do it like the bloggers or celebrities and roll up your sleeves a little so that the blazer doesn’t look so severe. In summer, we especially love models made of linen or light fabrics. The summer blazers are great to combine in earthy tones or exciting pastel colors.

The Trench Coat

“A coat makes a look,” say fashion professionals. And one model is always popular: the trench coat. It looks super classy and timeless. Pay attention to the care instructions and details when shopping. A leather collar on a light-colored jacket looks great but is difficult to clean as the leather could stain.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is the SOS dress par excellence and will never go out of style. There is only one basic rule to keep in mind: the shorter the dress, the longer the sleeves have to be. Otherwise, you will quickly feel too “naked .”So that the dress doesn’t look too plain, choose a model with exciting details such as cut-outs or a mix of materials. 


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