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What To Eat Before Training?

Some like to practice running, cycling, swimming, bodybuilding, and even a simple daily walk to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. However, to be done healthily, knowing what to eat before training is important.

It is extremely important to eat properly so that the body can enjoy all the benefits provided by food and, consequently, by practicing sports. Were you curious? So check out all about it in the course of the following text!

Why Is It Important To Eat Before Training?

Although our body has an energy reserve, this is finite; at a certain point, it will run out. Given this, fueling the body to move around and perform different physical activities is necessary. It is also important to know what to eat before training.

Of course, this can vary in terms of the type and intensity of the exercise, but especially when they are more intense, our body needs to be nourished before training.

Consequences Of Not Eating Before Training

As previously mentioned, our organism has a finite reserve of energy. If we try to perform some type of physical activity without enough fuel, this reserve can run out and make the individual feel sick, dizzy, and even faint during practice. 

The lack of supply before physical exercise can also raise cortisol levels – known as the stress hormone – which would result in the oxidation of various body tissues, such as musculature, thus decreasing its functions and inducing the loss of muscle mass.

What To Eat Before Training?

To carry out any activity, our body needs energy. And the main energy-providing nutrient is carbohydrates, mainly from pasta and cereals — such as bread and oatmeal. Using carbohydrates before training is crucial so there is enough energy for sports activity.

In addition to carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins are also important in pre-workout food intake; after all, as they are considered micronutrients, they tend to regulate muscle processes and, even ingested after training, accelerate the recovery of the entire body.

5 Foods To Eat Before Training

Don’t know what to eat before training? See the list:





sweet potato.

Want more details? Now, a little more about these foods that, when ingested before training, can even improve your performance!


Food sources of medium and fast-absorption carbohydrates can provide energy for about 45 minutes of physical activity. Bananas are popular among sportspeople because of their high potassium and magnesium content, which prevents muscle cramps and pain.

In addition, the fruit has tryptophan in its composition, an amino acid that causes a feeling of tranquility and well-being. Finally, bananas contain vitamin C, strengthening bones, ligaments and tendons. The idea is to consume the fruit around 30 minutes before training.


In addition to having a slower absorption of carbohydrates, oats are also a source of Complex B vitamins, indispensable for the correct production of energy in the cell and using fats as an energy source.

More than that, she is rich in magnesium, other minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and dietary fibre. One preparation option is along with the banana. Try it!


Fast and medium absorption carbohydrates are capable of providing large amounts of energy for any and all sports and being used as an energy restorer during long training periods.

Honey is a good pre-workout option for people who like a sweet treat but want to avoid a blood sugar spike (which will give you an instant boost) and the abrupt energy drop after the spike mid-workout.

A good way to consume it and further enhance your training is to combine it with the other two foods above (bananas and oats)!


Stimulating and antioxidant food. Capable of providing energy and acting as a detox in the body of those who ingest it before training. Its composition regulates important bodily functions for practice and physical activities.

It can provide energy and detox in the body of those who ingest it before training. Its composition regulates important bodily functions for the practice of physical activities.

Remember that it’s better to include cocoa powder (100%) in your pre-workout meal than a chocolate bar. But if you can’t resist, choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa and, if possible, without sugar.

Sweet Potato

A well-known food used for pre-workout, sweet potatoes are famous for being a source of complex carbohydrates (they guarantee long-term energy) with a low glycemic index, which does not have a major impact on blood sugar levels. This reduces the risk of diabetes and being overweight.

In addition to being a source of minerals like magnesium, manganese, potassium and calcium, sweet potatoes also contain vitamins A, C and complex B. Nutrients that act on muscle contraction and regeneration. It is also worth mentioning that food is a good source of carotenoids.

Thus, using sweet potatoes before training is a great nutritional strategy, as the food provides energy, vitamins, and minerals and does not allow a sudden increase in glycemic levels.


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