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Intelligent Food Substitutions For Your Health And Fitness

Anyone looking to reduce weight needs to know that the choice of nutrients makes all the difference in results. Therefore, food Substitutions with more disposition and quality of life is essential.

Maintaining a balanced diet brings satiety and helps escape everyday life’s temptations. In addition to controlling weight, good nutrition balances cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels. This even reduces the risks of developing diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

As foods are divided into groups due to nutritional composition,  exchanges must be carried out in the same class, respecting quantities. So, how about analyzing your menu and learning the best replacements to eat in a pleasurable and guilt-free way? Check out our tips!

See What Food Replacement Is And Why The Practice Is Beneficial

Food reeducation may seem complicated, but it is not. It will require organization, discipline, and help from a professional if you feel the need. However, when substituting food, your choices become more accessible, as well as quantity, quality, and time. You will also have a more significant offer with the same characteristics of calories, macro, and micronutrients, being able to vary the menu.

Check Out Some Examples Of Food Substitution

Cutting out certain foods doesn’t mean you can never eat them again. On the contrary, you will be able to do it occasionally, as it is relevant to prefer the healthier ones to the harmful ones. After all, your body will thank you. Here’s how to perform the replacement quickly.

Avoid White Flour

For starters, it is recommended to avoid the intake of stuffed cookies, snacks, bread, and pasta made from white flour as much as possible. It raises blood glucose at the time of digestion, generating weight gain. So, prefer those that are whole because glucose is released slowly, preventing the increase in adipose tissue.

Opt For Healthier Fats

Do you know that picanha fat on the barbecue? So can not eat. Red meats are generally fattier. So, swap for a duckling, lizard, soft mattress, rump, or chicken. Suppose it’s fish; even better because it has a lot of omega 3. Among the options, for example, there are sardines, tuna, mackerel, etc. These fats are good and balance cholesterol.

Avoid Added Sugar

Choose unsweetened natural juice or water over soda. However, drink in small amounts — 200ml is enough — so as not to harm gastric juice in digestion. Even replace the sweets in the dessert with fruit, in moderation, to reduce the sugar and fat in the meal.

Swap Seasonings For Herbs

Ready-made seasonings enhance the flavor of food. However, you can avoid them by inserting aromatic or dehydrated herbs, fruit-based sauces, red onion, garlic, green smell, and others. This will also help reduce the amount of salt.

Drink Skim Or Semi-Skimmed Milk

It may seem strange at first, but you soon get used to the taste of skim or semi-skimmed milk. These products contain little fat in their composition and are suitable for those who have high cholesterol or are on a weight loss regimen.

Now that you’ve learned how to make food substitutions, eat your meals in the following proportions:

  • 50% salad;
  • 15% protein;
  • 20% carbohydrate;
  • 15% legume.

However, for dessert, eat a portion of fruit, for example, banana, pear, orange, apple, or peach.

Natural Assets

In addition to intelligent food substitution, it is possible to rely on natural ingredients to combat binge eating. They can promote satiety and offer other benefits to the body.

For example, Saffron is produced using actual saffron extract. The active aids in weight loss are associated with the control of satiety, reduced stress, decreased anxiety, and symptoms of depression by inhibiting the reuptake of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating sleep, appetite, and mood.


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