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Removing Blackheads: Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them Forever

Remove blackheads: With the proper care measures, your skin finally looks pure and even.Thick layers of concealer and a matt powder on your nose? Belonging to the past because the skin is now adorned with a touch of nothing. This trend is called no-make-up and has been with us for several seasons and advocates more naturalness. The only disadvantage is that minor blemishes such as blackheads on the face come more into focus. Time to finally declare war on them: We have finally put together the best care tips to get rid of the blackheads

How To Remove Blackheads From Your Nose: The Six Best Tips And Tricks

Pore Suction Device 

To get rid of stubborn blackheads, also known as comedones or blackheads, on the nose, forehead, or chin, we recommend adding a pore suction device to the beauty routine. This sucks the black points out of the pores with the help of a vacuum function. The beauty vacuum cleaner also prevents acne and new blackheads.  

Remove blackheads – you can do it with a pore suction device

This blackhead vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments for each area of ​​the face, as well as five suction levels that can be adapted to your skin type. Tip: You can also use the extra comedone lifter to remove individual blackheads from the face.  

Cleansing With Salicylic Acid

Daily facial cleansing is the basis for preventing impurities. It is worthwhile to use unique anti-blackhead products from time to time: Active ingredients such as salicylic acid are ideal because they cleanse the face of old, dead skin cells and help curb excessive sebum production. The care prevents clogged pores, but it also prevents pimples and acne thanks to its antibacterial effect. The proper care for blemished skin. 

Remove blackheads: With Revitale’s exfoliating facial soap

Revitale’s Cleansing Soap comes with salicylic acid and apricot kernel particles that exfoliate. Because this can irritate the skin, we recommend using the product only once or twice a week. 

Remove Blackheads From The Face With Peel-Off Masks

Peel-off masks dried on the skin and peeled off in one piece. This pulls comedones out of the pores. Face masks with the trendy black active ingredient activated charcoal are super effective, as this binds and removes dirt, bacteria, and sebum from all over the face. The care is therefore ideal for blemished, oily skin. 

Practical: a brush for applying face masks

The natural blackhead mask from Love Nature cleanses the skin with bamboo-activated charcoal. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and prevents dry skin.

Blackhead Patches  

Clear-up strips work similarly to removable anti-blackhead masks and are super handy for getting rid of comedones in particularly affected areas such as the nose. The plasters are soaked with exfoliating and nourishing ingredients and loosen the deposits from the pores.

Bestseller against blackheads on the face: Clear-up Strips from Nivea

The clear-up patches from Nivea are absolute classics. They gently exfoliate the skin with fruit acid, which refines the complexion and has an anti-aging effect. 

Silver Powder

Silver powder is the secret weapon we use for pimples, blackheads, and large pores. The care product contains zinc oxide and calcium carbonate, which cleanse and absorb excess sebum. The complexion appears clear, the pores are more refined, and new blackheads appear less quickly. 

Get rid of blackheads: Mario Badescu’s natural silver powder helps

High-quality silver powder is available from Mario Badescu. To use it, moisten a cotton ball with warm water, dip it in the powder and apply it to the affected areas of the skin. Leave on for ten minutes and wash off with a toner. 

Chemical Peel  

A chemical peel complements the perfect blackhead skincare routine. This gently rubs off dead skin cells and cornifications – which contribute to clogged sebum glands.

Significant after the peeling: a moisture boost

This BHA scrub (with salicylic acid) penetrates deep into the pores, removes comedones, and prevents them from clogging again. The peeling also promotes a beautiful glow, as the pale layer of dead skin cells is peeled off.

Caution: It is better to apply PHA acid to sensitive skin. This is gentler and prevents irritation.


Skincare Guide: How Do Blackheads Appear On The Face?

Blackheads form when the skin produces excessive sebum, and it is difficult for it to drain off through the pores. In addition to the excess oil, dirt, make-up residues, or dead skin cells collected in the tiny channels on the top layer of the skin, the pore clogs. If the mixture comes into contact with oxygen, it oxidizes and turns black – the blackhead, also known as a comedy, is created. The black dots often appear in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) of the face, as the sebum glands are particularly active here.

How To Remove Blackheads: Can You Get Rid Of Them Permanently?  

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure to remove comedones altogether. Instead, it is a conglomerate of:

  • cleansing, sebum-regulating products
  • a type-appropriate care 
  • and a healthy lifestyle 

To permanently tame blackheads and prevent them. Because if the body and skin are in balance, excess sebum production can be controlled. 

If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Blackheads, Here Are Some Things To Stick To

  • Hands off!  Please do not press the comedones with your fingers or a needle. This can lead to nasty inflammation or even injure the skin. 
  • Use a lot of moisture! Light moisturizing care is essential for beautiful skin, even with oily, blemished skin. On the other hand, dryness makes the pores appear more prominent and stimulates oil production.  
  • Avoid aggressive ingredients! Alcohol, menthol, and the like can bring the skin out of balance, boosting sebum production. 

Blackheads Vs. Whiteheads: What To Do About White Blackheads On The Face? 

In addition to black, there are also white blackheads. The difference? While blackheads are closed comedones that sit under the skin’s surface, cannot oxidize and are thus noticeable as tiny bumps. These can be treated in the same way as open comedones – chemical peelings and pore-deep cleansers are excellent choices.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Blackheads With Home Remedies?

Home remedies can also be used against blackheads. Also popular are DIY scrubs or masks with honey or lemon juice. A steam bath with chamomile, which soothes susceptible skin, is recommended. The hot steam helps to open the pores. This makes it easier to remove blackheads, and the active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin.

Should You Express Blackheads Or Not?

No question about it, blackheads want to be removed – but there is excellent disagreement regarding expression. After all, it will not help anyone if scars form on the affected areas. The procedure is crucial when squeezing blackheads: First, both the skin and the fingers should be cleaned so that no bacteria gets into the wound. Now you wrap a cosmetic tissue around both index fingers and press out the blackhead with a bit of pressure from the different sides. If the impurities do not dissolve immediately, the pores can be opened with warm steam, making cleaning blackheads much easier, and the affected areas can heal quickly. 

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