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Six Pack In Women: With This Workout, You Will Get Washboard Abs

Women and six-packs? That fits absolutely!

A flat, muscular stomach is the status symbol of fitness enthusiasts. When it flashes over the edge of the pants, connoisseurs know: there is someone with passion.

Of course, nobody “needs” a six-pack, neither woman nor man. But it is permissible to dream about it. And it is possible to realize this dream of washboard abs. You can read how to do that here.

How Do I Get A Six-Pack?

For me, a six-pack has always been the epitome of fitness but also an unattainable goal. The exercise was always high on my favorite to-do list, but a small to medium-sized layer over the abdominal muscles persisted.

This should be over now. I have an experienced fat-removal expert at my side to support me: Florentine Pick, personal trainer and nutrition coach. Because the most important thing on the way to a six-pack is good instructions, that’s why we have our training plan for a six-pack in 8 weeks for you :


Most Important Strategy: Increase Basal Metabolic Rate!

The first inventory shows: I am 1.62 meters tall, 54 kilos, and have 19.9 percent body fat. “Good values.” “However, women have to work hard to not only be slim but also to expose their muscles. Their fat percentage is generally higher than that of men.” Anger doesn’t help, so I see this imbalance as a challenge. In 6 weeks, I want to have my six-pack – come what may.

“We first train the large muscle groups to strengthen as many muscles as possible. That increases your basal metabolic rate.” That means: My body then uses more calories even when it is resting. Sounds good, but the next time has nothing to do with calm. My training plan initially includes three strength training, seven cardio units, and an abdominal workout every morning. So a total of 17 sports a week, nothing comes from nothing.

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What Tools Do I Need For Six-Pack Training?

Many abdominal exercises also work wonderfully without equipment. For sit-ups, forearm supports, and the like, all you need is a good mat with sufficient grip. If you want to intensify standing abdominal exercises, such as diagonal crunches or side raises, it is worth investing in a good set of dumbbells. Find out which effective sit-up alternatives you can do with dumbbells here. Alternatively, you can also use a resistance band.

Who wants to go on the stage and bring true diversity to the training facilities can be a sling trainer or an exercise ball down. Because exercises with these tools always require a bit of balance, all of the muscles in the body and especially in the core muscles are activated.

Self-massages with the fascia roller or a massage ball accelerate the recovery of the muscles throughout the body and are good for you. You can find out more about fascia training in this article.

What Kind Of Nutrition Do You Need For A Six-Pack?

As if all of this wasn’t exhausting enough, the next month and a half will also be rock hard when it comes to nutrition: “Make sure you eat as few carbohydrates as possible and avoid them completely in the evenings,” advises the trainer. “They are mainly found in bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. But milk and fruit are also included.” My beloved cappuccino? “Painted!” But without a clear nutrition plan, the washboard won’t work. That’s why we have our nutrition plan for visible abdominal muscles.

My lunch menu is now changing drastically. There is only one salad with turkey or tuna – and the sad realization: Eating carbohydrate-free does not fill you up! It also puts my head in a permanent slumber state. Thinking suddenly takes twice as long as it used to. The faster I switch to combat mode now. Going to restaurants is a challenge, and if there is sugar in my ginger tea, the waitress can take it away again straight away. The strawberries in the salad, too, by the way. And no, I don’t want french fries with my steak!

What Do I Have To Drink If I Want A Six-Pack?

I give him great credit because my boyfriend does not part with me during this time – I would have done it. Day 8 saved me and my mood: Because I discovered that unsweetened soy milk has only 0.1 grams of carbohydrates per 100 milliliters. With this, I am lifting the cappuccino ban on my initiative. “All right.” 

I still have to drink 3 liters of water a day to get my metabolism going. “But no tap water. You sweat out a lot of minerals while exercising, and you can only get them back through mineral water.” So that’s why I was so weak last week! I feel better with more nutritious water; however, not in all situations. I grumble and grab sparkling spring water when my friends drink sparkling white wine spritzer.

How Long Does It Take To See A Woman’s Six-Pack?

The ordeal is worth it: At halftime, there are two other positive values ​​in addition to the four muscle packs mentioned – only 16.9 percent body fat and 53.4 kilos of weight! My ambition is awakened, as is Florentine’s: “We’ll also expose the lower part of the six-pack,” she says. “That is why we now rely on intervals for endurance training. The afterburn effect is higher than after a long, even load.”

Another strength unit is also added; there are 18 workouts per week. But I am also rewarded for this in everyday life. While boxing, the trainer calls out to the man next to me: “Hey, you’re giving up? Take a look at your neighbor!” I grin, almost embarrassed.

Even if I didn’t believe it at times: After six weeks, I am standing in front of the camera with six small abdominal muscle packages on the day of the redeeming photoshoot. And I’m happier about each, and every one of them than about all the Christmas presents I’ve ever received!

Which Exercises Promote A Six-Pack?

Diet creates the basis; training shapes your washboard. These exercises got her stomach in shape.

Training plan for a six-pack:

  • 1-minute forearm support
  • 50 straight crunches
  • 20 side crunches each (in a pushup position, bring knees to opposite elbows)
  • Ten pushups
  • 20 crunches for the lower abdomen (while sitting, lean your upper body back and stretch your legs raised)
  • 50 straight crunches         
  • 1-minute forearm support

From What Percentage Of Body Fat Is A Six-Pack Visible In Women?

From which body fat percentage a six-pack is visible is difficult to say because it depends on the type: It depends on the distribution of the fat in the body and on the question of where nature has placed the fat deposits. For example, if you are more of the hip-hugging type, a crunchy six-pack can be visible with a higher KFA.

The majority of us, however, are clearly of the abdominal type, in which the abdominal muscles remain hidden despite an overall lean appearance.

How Many Times A Week Do I Have To Train For A Six-Pack?

weekly schedule as an example:

Monday 30 minutes of boxing + 15 minutes of abdominal circles in the gym + 4 x 500-meter rowing under 2 minutes (level 10)

Tuesday strength exercises with a personal trainer + 45 minutes of cross trainer (intervals: 1-minute full power, 4 minutes calm)

Wednesday 400 meter swim under 11 minutes + repeat the morning abdominal routine.

Thursday 30 minutes of boxing + 15 minutes of abdominal circles + 40 minutes of cross trainer + 15 minutes of the treadmill (both with intervals: 1 minute full of power, 5 minutes quiet)

Friday 4 x 500 meter rowing under 2 minutes (level 10) + strength exercises

Saturday break

Sunday 60 minutes of running (intervals: increase speed as often as possible, build in stairs, etc.) + strength exercises

How Do I Get A Six-Pack As A Woman Quickly?

The best way to get a six-pack: personal training! Because with a plan tailored to your individual needs and fitness level, the easiest and most effective way to get the most out of yourself. Especially because the way to a six-pack can be exhausting and tough, it is very helpful if you have someone by your side who can keep your weaker self in check and kick your asses a little motivationally.

In our Women’s Health Coaching Zone, you can choose your coach, arrange an individual consultation, and then get started right away.

Nutrition Plan For Six-Packs

This is an excerpt from the nutrition plan that Martina adhered to. Florentine Pick created it.


Option 1: Muesli made from 3 tbsp soy flakes, 2 tbsp oat flakes, one apple + 150 ml unsweetened soy milk

Snack: 100 g of cottage cheese or ½ protein bar (or one banana if exercising at lunchtime)

Option 2: 150-250 g natural yogurt (1.5% fat) optionally with 3-5 tablespoons wholegrain oat flakes/muesli, 1-2 pieces of fruit, two tablespoons nuts, flax seeds or sunflower seeds, one large glass of water, one coffee.

Having lunch

Option 1: 2 handfuls of lettuce with 200 g chicken breast and one egg, plus 100 g cottage cheese 

Snack: 100 g cottage cheese or 50 g Harz cheese (or one apple, if you exercise in the evening)

Other variants:

  • Meat or fish with salad (no fatty dressing)
  • Pan-fried vegetables with meat or fish (steamed in a little oil) example: ½ paprika, two carrots, some broccoli, beans, ½ zucchini
  • Vegetable casserole or vegetable soup (without cream)
  • Stuffed peppers with mince or millet
  • Baked potato with quark + spinach, fried egg, and fish or meat


Option 1: 2 handfuls of vegetables with 200 g tuna or 200 g turkey or 150 g tofu

Snack: 1 teaspoon peanut butter (only allowed on training days)

Other variants:

  • Tomato with mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and basil
  • Vegetable sticks with herb quark
  • Protein shake with water

Tip: Espresso before eating instead of, for example, Diet Coke. This increases the insulin level, which in turn inhibits fat burning. If fruit, then berries of any kind are relatively low in carbohydrates. Also good: add ginger to the mineral water – it stimulates the metabolism! You can read here what else ginger water can do.

A six-pack doesn’t have to remain a dream – if you stick to the training and nutrition plan for a few weeks, you will see results quickly. A six-pack is possible with a low-carb diet and tight workouts. Are you ambitious? Then take off!

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