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The New Curtain Bangs ?! The Strong Fringe Is The Latest Hairstyle Trend For 2022

Bye, bye curtain bangs! The hairstyle trend Strong Fringe brings back straight and thick forehead fringes (runway look from Summer 2022)

Bangs are a quick, uncomplicated solution for giving a hairstyle a new update and changing your look – without having to risk too much right away. 

Perhaps also the reason why pony hairstyles have been enjoying great popularity again for a few months and have blossomed into one of the most critical trend hairstyles of the year. And that shouldn’t change in 2022 either, because forehead fringes remain on our radar – but now come with a fresh update. 

Because curtain bangs – which can be seen everywhere at the moment – will be replaced by the Strong Fringe in 2022. How do you explain what characterizes the new hairstyle trend and who it looks perfect for?

Hairstyle Trend Strong Fringe: This Pony Hairstyle Will Compete With The Curtain Bangs in 2022

Curtain bangs were considered the ultimate favorite look of the trendsetters in 2021. After all, the long charges are an effortless, casual interpretation of forehead fringes, flatter every face shape, and of course, immediately reminiscent of the look of the women. 

However, this should change with the new year because the strong fringe is heralding itself as a new hairstyle trend for 2022 and is now competing with curtain bangs for the first time. 

As the name suggests, the Strong Fringe is a thick fringe that extends across the forehead and is cut straight. Of course, this requires more commitment than curtain bangs, which are combed from the side of the forehead and are therefore a very subtle version of the pony hairstyle. 

The Strong Fringe is a bit more distinctive here and provides a significant type change with just a few scissor cuts. 


Please Don’t Be Too Strict: This Is How The Strong Fringe Looks Perfect – And Will Replace The Curtain Bangs As A Hairstyle Trend In 2022

The Strong Fringe will be cut straight, but it should not look accurate because geometric haircuts are no longer up-to-date and also look very strict. So that the hairstyle trend Strong Fringe remains casual, the hair should be cut straight but a bit choppy and blunt and does not have to end exactly in one line.

The Strong Fringe should also be extra long; the tips optimally surround the eyebrows and eyelashes for a certain nonchalance. And the styling also contributes to a modern pony look: The strong fringe can be straightened out in the case of swirls and waves in the hair but works best in a duet with a slightly messy undone look.

Strong Fringe: Who Is The New Hairstyle Trend For Bangs?

Strong Fringe hairstyle is every woman but is particularly advantageous with a high forehead. Practical side effect: The pony makes the facial features look more harmonious and skilfully conceals wrinkles on the forehead – and all without botox. 

The hairstyle trend also makes an elongated face look more compact and makes angular features softer. The Strong Fringe has certain advantages for every face shape and primarily gives a modern, trend-conscious look. And that’s precisely why we’re making a note of it for the new beauty year 2022.

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