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This Is How You Can Whiten Your Teeth – With And Without Bleaching

We’ll tell you what whitens teeth – and which whitening methods you should be careful with. This Is How You Can Whiten Your Teeth – With And Without Bleaching

Teeth are a bit like gold jewelry. In the beginning, it still flashes wonderfully, but over time discolouration and signs of wear and tear develop. Then a professional has to work with jewelry and your teeth. After all, the color of your teeth influences your external image, as studies show.

There are now some dental beautification procedures such as bleaching and professional tooth cleaning for the biters. But there are also more and more lightening products for the bathroom at home, such as special whitening toothpaste. All methods should bring the teeth – and their owners – to shine again. But what’s the point? And above all: what helps? We answer the most critical questions about teeth whitening.

My Teeth Are Discolored: Why Is It?

Red wine, coffee or tea – especially in connection with nicotine – promote unsightly discolouration. If you want beautiful white teeth, you should reduce consumption or keep your hands off these luxury foods.


Why Are My Teeth Yellow Even Though I Don’t Smoke Or Drink Coffee?

Like the color of the skin, the tone of the teeth is different in every person. Shades in a spectrum from white to eggshell to slightly yellowish is possible. Small consolation: a naturally dark tooth color is a sign of thicker and, therefore, more robust tooth enamel. So your teeth are less prone to tooth decay.

By the way, your skin color also determines how light your teeth look. The darker the skin, the stronger the contrast with the smile. This will make your walkers look a little lighter when you are tanned in summer. 

How Does Bleaching Work?

The whitener used in bleaching is called hydrogen peroxide (precisely what is contained in bleaching). It is in a gel, penetrates the tooth and splits off oxygen radicals that react with the tooth pigment—the result: brighter teeth. There are three ways to have teeth bleached. These are:

Use whitening trays to whiten teeth at home

With this method, teeth whitening begins with an impression made by a dentist.

You fill the tray yourself with a whitening gel that you can get from the dentist. Then you wear the splints overnight for about two weeks. Important: use the rails alternately. So one night upstairs, the next one downstairs. Otherwise, there is jaw pain after getting up.

In-office whitening is quick and effective

This whitening is carried out directly in a dental practice or unique dental cosmetic studios. It works without a splint and in just one session. The professionals work with a more concentrated gel for about 45 minutes.

White teeth with laser whitening

Another variant is suitable for more substantial discolouration: laser bleaching. The process is like in-office bleaching with only one difference: each tooth is irradiated with a laser for 30 and 60 seconds. The gel is heated by light, making the teeth several shades lighter. The costs are usually just above regular whitening.

Does Bleaching Harm Your Teeth, And Can Things Go Wrong?

Teeth whitening has often been scientifically in recent years examined, and the result is clear: performed Properly, it does not harm the tooth. “You can’t go wrong with the treatment itself,” – but with the trimmings, you can.

It is essential that your: e doctor: cleans the teeth perfectly before bleaching them and ensures that the gums are healthy. Only then can the treatment be carried out. However, some problems can still occur during and after the bleaching: When the gel is applied, it can bulge, and after the treatment, it can react more sensitive to cold and warmth for a few hours, sometimes even days.

How Much Do Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

The white smile has a proud price. As a rule, you have to shell out between 300 and 700 euros for the bleaching alone. And no, the costs are unfortunately not covered by health insurance. But that’s not all. Because anyone who believes that a single whitening is done is wrong.

Anyone who already has plastic fillings, ceramic inlays or crowns before the first bleaching has to dig deeper into their pockets. Because they cannot simply be brightened up, but at least have to be replaced in the visible area – and that can cost a lot of money. But it cannot be avoided; after all, the sight of the new, brilliant white pearly whites should not be clouded by a few darker specimens.

So Would You Prefer Cheap Bleaching From The Drugstore?

You can safely save yourself from that. Such products often only contain around 5 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is far too little to produce a noticeable lightening. For comparison: professionals work with up to 15 percent of gels.

Experts warn of gum irritation and increased sensitivity of the tooth if the paste is applied to exposed tooth necks or comes into contact with gum injuries. Studies also show that self-bleaching carries more significant risks to dental health.

How Do I Get White Teeth Without Whitening?

If you want a brighter smile, you don’t necessarily have to bleach. Professional teeth cleaning and proper oral hygiene often help. It depends on:

Brighter Teeth Thanks To Professional Teeth Cleaning

The annual tooth cleaning by the dentist: prevents discolouration. Health insurance does not necessarily have to cover the costs. However, some offer “bonus programs” in which the expenses are reimbursed if you regularly go to preventive care.

During the significant teeth cleaning, dark tartar and discolouration from coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes are reliably removed. And: because the tooth are polished, the pearly whites then reflect the light better and appear brighter as a result.

What Does Special Whitening Toothpaste From The Drugstore Bring?

White teeth come from a tube! So-called “whitening toothpaste” can remove discolorations from coffee, tea or red wine and whiten by two to three levels. However, whitening toothpaste cannot lighten the natural tooth color.

Does Whitening Toothpaste Harm Your Teeth?

“Not if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions,”.” Some creams can be used daily, some only once a week.” You should only ask the dentist before whitening if you have exposed tooth necks to avoid losing your smile.

How Can I Avoid Discoloration With Floss?

If you are a smoker or coffeeholic, pay attention to the interdental spaces that are usually the first to discolor. “Using dental floss regularly can help prevent discolouration caused by certain foods,”

Mouth rinsing solutions are also an excellent addition to daily oral hygiene. “Those that contain essential oils are particularly suitable”.

Are There Effective Home Remedies For White Teeth?

Grandmother in all honor, but when it comes to tooth whitening, the answer is: stay away from home remedies! “Baking powder, salt, lemon juice and the like attack the tooth enamel massively,” Frequent effect: same color as before, but more tooth decay and overall more sensitive.

Can You Get White Teeth With Coconut Oil?

On their Instagram accounts, numerous celebrities and influencers advertise that oil-pulling with coconut oil ensures white teeth. It works as a preventive measure. But don’t expect miracles on teeth that are already discolored.

How Do I Get Whiter Teeth With The Right Lipstick?

It’s a small, quick grab into the bag of tricks: blue lipstick, e.g. B. in cool red, pink and purple nuances, the teeth appear whiter. Reason: blue is the complementary color to yellow, the combination of both results in white.

It doesn’t always have to be whitening. White teeth are also easy on your wallet with the right toothpaste and even faster with lipstick. However, if you want to whiten your tooth gently and permanently, you have to dig deep into your wallet at the dentist.

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