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10 Myths About Healthy Weight Loss

Everyone has a solution for everything, right? In this text, we will bring you myths about healthy weight loss that are on the lips of everyone who researches it.

First, you must know that to lose weight permanently; you must re-educate your taste buds and your stomach without returning to the previous weight. In this way, you will be able to increase the variety of things you eat by eating them in smaller quantities. With this, the chances of you having the desired result are much more significant.

The more you educate your taste buds, the easier it will be to make healthy foods. That’s because there’s nothing better than good old-fashioned homemade food.

Below you can see several myths about myths.

Training With Multiple Shirts And Pants Helps You Burn More Calories

This is one of the biggest myths ever invented. If you work out wrapped up in sweat a lot, it won’t make you lose weight; on the contrary, it will make you lose water and consequently become dehydrated.

When you rehydrate later, all your effort will be lost. That’s because you should replace all the lost liquid, so you don’t get dehydrated.

I Will Lose Weight If I Don’t Eat

Another dangerous myth is that going too long without eating or skipping meals can slow your metabolism.

It can end up happening just the opposite, and when you eat, you will eat in larger quantities, and because of the slow metabolism, you will gain weight more quickly.

Having Bariatric Surgery Will Solve My Situation Once And For All

Here we have another classic myth. If the person is not disciplined, he will not be able to maintain himself after performing bariatric surgery. Most people who have already completed this procedure end up gaining weight again one or two years after the surgery.

That’s because they can’t maintain new food and habits.

Another Myth About Healthy Weight Loss Is Cutting Carbs

Most people on a diet and mainly follow a routine workout fall into this illusion.

A balanced diet must be instructed by a professional such as a nutritionist or nutritionist. It would help if you balanced the nutrients present in your body by consuming foods that contain the proper amounts.

Another reason you can’t give up carbs is that they’re excellent energy sources, and if you train, you’ll need to have them.

Eating At Night Makes You Fat

That will depend a lot. Ideally, at night you eat half the amount of lunch. You must maintain the rhythm of minor consumption throughout the day.

Also, another thing that needs to be said is that you should eat up to 2 hours before bed. That’s because you can have nightmares, and in this case, it can get in the way of the weight loss process. They Were Doing Physical Exercises To Compensate For Unregulated Eating

Have you ever heard of the famous phrase “Train to eat”? Well, many people do that. However, if you do, your weight loss process will take much longer.

So, maintaining a healthy workout routine and a messy diet throughout the week is no use.

Consuming Only Diet And Light Foods

This is the accurate “prosecutor’s tale”; people associate the words “diet” and “light” with instant weight loss. However, it is essential to emphasize that most of these foods are industrialized.

In addition, in some cases, you can still find ultra-processed foods full of preservatives, which can be bad for your health.

The main tip for this situation is: Always bet on nature, buy fruits and vegetables, preferably without pesticides that can also harm your health, and opt for homemade food.

Most of the time, the so-called “diet” foods are made for people with diabetes. That’s because most of them replace sugars with sweeteners.

By Setting A Bold Goal, You Will Achieve Your Results

In this case, it depends; maybe yes, maybe not. People often confuse weight loss with weight loss. Your body will not permanently lose weight when you lose weight.

That’s because if you maintain a training routine, it is natural to acquire muscle mass. With that, losing weight is different from losing weight, as we talk about in this post.

Whole Foods Have Fewer Calories

This is a myth that deceives everyone. Whole foods are considered healthier because of their amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamin B.

These nutrients are generally not present in refined foods. However, most of the time, the number of calories between both is very similar.

It Is Necessary To Eat Every Three Hours

You can lose weight by eating every three hours. However, eating large amounts or only foods with a lot of calories won’t do any good.

Also, you don’t have to set the clock to precisely three hours to eat. You can eat before three o’clock or after, as long as you don’t take too long a gap between meals.

Eating every three hours means you don’t feel starving between meals, so you eat in smaller amounts and preferably healthier foods.

Eating Rice And Beans Makes You Fat

This is a myth without a head and a head. That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to eliminate carbohydrates from your meal, quite the opposite.

In addition, rice is a grain, and beans have a large amount of iron and fiber. We can say that they are the perfect combination for a balanced meal.

Thanks to the fiber in beans, you will feel satiated faster; consequently, it is a potent food in your healthy weight loss process.

Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates, which will help you have energy throughout the day.

Of course, in addition to the two, you should eat other foods that complement the list of nutrients. However, just because it’s a great combination doesn’t mean you can overdo it; eating in small portions won’t hurt you.


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