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Tips For Achieving Glowing Skin

One of the main characteristics of young and healthy skin is its luminosity. Does your face look dull? We’ll explain how to get a radiant complexion and talk about the characteristics of glowing skin, what can be getting in the way of keeping it that way and what you can do to avoid a lack of luminosity!

Habits That Make Your Skin Glow

Healthy, well-groomed skin has a natural glow that leaves it looking much more beautiful. Achieving a radiant complexion can become very easy with some daily habits, which will make it uniform, restore its freshness, hydrate and leave it well lit, in addition to contributing to the health of your body as a whole.

Consuming plenty of water during the day is essential for skin hydration. The ideal is to drink two to three liters daily. The liquid acts to eliminate toxins and prevents internal dehydration, one of the factors responsible for wrinkles. In addition, providing all the necessary nutrients and vitamins is very important to have glowing skin.

If you notice that your skin is looking dry or tired, it could be due to a lack of Omega 3 in your diet. This substance acts on hydration and fighting inflammation and can be found in avocado, flaxseed, salmon, and tuna, for example. Among vitamins, C, which we will talk about later, and E, which fights and prevents cellular aging and can be found in dark green leaves, cannot be missed in your daily life!

Return Radiance To Your Skin

Some factors can contribute to leaving your skin dull and lackluster, such as the various daily aggressions to which we are exposed, such as pollution, temperature variations, and exposure to UV rays. In addition, some habits such as smoking, an unbalanced diet, emotional stress, and sleepless nights can be reflected in the form of skin without vitality and luminosity.

It is essential to take some daily care to get around this problem. Using a moisturizing product after cleansing the skin is an important step. Opt for products with hyaluronic acid in their composition, as they have a high capacity to retain water and, therefore, boost the nutrition of the face.

Taking scalding showers can also be one of the causes of dryness and lack of shine in your skin, as they remove natural oils from your face. Therefore, prefer baths with warm or cold water. Another super important care is the daily use of sunscreen, even in colder seasons and with a lower incidence of solar rays. In addition to preventing skin cancer and aging, it prevents dryness and contributes to brighter skin.

Fighting Aging And Loss Of Radiance

One of the main attributes of young and healthy skin is its radiance, characterized by reflecting light from the skin’s surface. However, in the aging process, there is a decrease in cell renewal, resulting in a skin with a more significant number of dead keratinocytes in the outermost layer of the skin, which is rougher and drier with a low light reflection factor.

Vitamin C is an excellent ally in fighting the problems that aging brings. It works by strengthening the support and firmness of the skin, boosting collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles, and promoting skin revitalization. In addition, it has intense antioxidant activity when combined with ferulic acid, preventing and fighting to age.

Younger, Blemish-Free Skin

Your face deserves the best and most effective products with Vitamin C. Vitamin C 20 is a powerful antioxidant, with proven results after 30 days, reducing wrinkles and expression lines restoring freshness and luminosity. In addition, it evens out the tone and improves skin texture. Vitamin C Eye Area reduces dark circles and bags for the eye region through assets that minimize swelling and tiredness. The product also promotes anti-wrinkle action and leaves the skin in the region firmer.


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