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Dyeing Gray Hair: You Can Do It With These Tips!

We all end up like this at some point: As soon as we discover the first gray hairs, we painfully realize that we are not getting any younger. And to keep up the appearance of youth, there is only one remedy: dye your hair.

“The first horrors” appear much too early, which often creates a contradiction: We feel young and fit inside, but our appearance reminds us that we are no longer 18. This is a painful experience, especially for us women. Because our hair is one of our most important beauty attributes, it stands for femininity and seductiveness.

Ironically, the hair we women use as an expression of our attitude towards life through a wide variety of hairstyles and stylings throws us a line through our calculations and reveals our age to the outside world.

It is not that difficult to deal with these first signs of aging: There have long been numerous women who confidently stand by their silver hair. For others who do not have this courage or are convinced that gray hair makes you older, hairdressers and drugstores have numerous hair care products ready to bring color back into their hair.

Gray Hair: What Is The Cause?

Even if the vernacular suggests it, no healthy person will turn gray overnight. Reports of this type stem from a rare disease. Rather, the process of graying normally takes place slowly:

The first gray hairs can appear early and are hardly discovered during everyday hair care. Only when there are more and more does a woman feel more and more disturbed by them. Blondes have a clear advantage here: With them, the gray hair can only be recognized much later than with black-haired or brunette women due to the weak contrast.

But what makes our hair gray? The explanation is relatively simple: Our body produces less and less tyrosine as we get older. This substance is, in turn, significantly involved in the formation of another substance: melanin, which is responsible for the coloring of our hair. You can see this lack of melanin in the hair that grows back: They appear gray or even white.

Many find it difficult to deal with this transformation, as it is also an indication for the outside world that one is slowly but surely getting old. Since a solution is needed, the hairdresser is visited or the shelves of drugstores scoured for hair care products that promise a remedy.

The usual dyeing methods, the introduction of highlights, and renaturation are all methods that treat the hair chemically and then require intensive hair care.

Dyeing Gray Hair: With These Tips, You Can Do It

To Drown Out Gray Hair Yourself

Permanent intensive tints are a great way to conjure up gray hair. But be careful: gray hair takes on a different color than hair with a natural shade of hair already dyed. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • In any case, it is important to test the color in an inconspicuous place.
  • Make sure that the color can also cover gray hair well.
  • Corresponding information can be found on the packaging of the hair dye.

Dye Over Gray Hair At The Hairdresser’s

If you don’t want to get involved in any experiments, you must go to the hairdresser.

The Advantage: a hairdresser can make your new hair color lively and natural with color effects, while a badly chosen hair color for home use looks like the infamous color helmet in the worst case.

The Disadvantage: The constant coloring of the hair due to the chemicals it contains is not exactly gentle on the scalp and the hair itself and can, under certain circumstances, destroy all hair care activities.

Therefore, hair that is constantly tinted should be provided with special hair care products such as hair treatments, conditioners, and hair packs so that it does not lose its vitality and shine.

Constant Dyeing Puts A Strain On The Hair

As easy as coloring is now, a gray hairline will appear again and again after a certain time. It has to be re-colored. Otherwise, the roots will look significantly older than the rest of the hair. The constant stress of the gray hair through color is unfortunately inevitable.

First Help With Gray Hair: Highlights

With highlights, blonde women, in particular, can achieve good results with the first visible gray hair. The highlights ensure movement and liveliness and, by the way, make gray sections of hair disappear.

Although special coloring sets for highlights work with small brushes or hair caps, they are not always easy to use.

Nevertheless, good results can be achieved with the support of a friend. However, the highlights are perfect for the hairdresser, who is also on hand with help and advice with the exact coloring and can recommend special hair care products that give the hair a wonderful shine.

Back To Nature: Renature Hair

An alternative to coloring is the renaturation of the hair. Here, a preparation is applied to the hair, which gives the hair more and more of the natural hair color after each use. Here, precursors of melanin, which gives our hair its color, and other active ingredients are absorbed by the hair. The application must be repeated a few times before the gray hair is completely gone.

However, the result is only permanent if the hair care product continues to be used. However, optimal results cannot be achieved with every starting color.

Caution: Especially with blonde or red hair, you should refrain from attempting renaturation, as the body’s substances in these shades cannot be artificially revitalized or produced, and only mixed shades come to the fore.

No Final Solution Insight

One thing is certain: if you want to declare war on your gray hair, you have to be persistent. Unfortunately, no method permanently ensures that gray hair is a thing of the past. Toning and dyeing is, therefore, a must, as is the use of hair care products that restore energy to damaged hair.

Alternatively, we only have to stand by our age-related changes. At least the masters of creation have the first gray hair to make them interesting.


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