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Which Woman Doesn’t Know: Split-Ends Are An Everyday Problem

Split Ends

Every woman with long hair knows this: split ends, those small split that make the hair look broken and dull. Unfortunately, everyone struggles with this from time to time. Here, you can find out what helps against it, prevent split, and remove hairs without losing length.

What Are Split Ends, And Where Does It Come From?

Look at the ends of your hair for those of you who have never heard the word. If you haven’t been to the hairdresser’s for a while, you can see split on every head: the tips of the hair split. It doesn’t look nice up close, and from a distance, the tips quickly look strawy and broken. These split ends occur when the hair does not get enough moisture and care, is exposed to a lot of friction, and has not been cut for too long.

Seven Things You Can Do About Split Ends

A hair with split ends cannot be glued back together – the only thing that helps is cutting it off. But there are tricks on preventing split ends or preventing them from spreading.

  • Silk cushions: a pillowcase of silk is the ideal alternative for sleeping. Because the fine silk structure does not additionally rough up the hair and thus prevents split ends.
  • Cut regularly: Split arise sooner or later if the hair is not cut regularly. Even if you want to grow your hair, you should remove the split ends regularly – otherwise, you will eventually have hair that is long but half broken.
  • Hair masks help add moisture and other essential substances to the hair. You can make a mask against split yourself with three tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of honey: After washing your hair, apply the mixture to damp hair, leave it on and rinse.
  • Do not rub: You should not rub your hair dry after washing. It’s better to wrap it carefully in a towel turban and then let it dry.
  • Be careful with heat: split ends form or intensify when the hair dries out. That is why you should not wash your hair too hot, not blow-dry it too hot, and also use straightening irons or curling irons as rarely as possible and never without heat protection.
  • Brush: A brush with natural, rounded fibers protects the hair best and does not rub it open so that there are no split ends. A Tangle Teezer is also great if the hair tends to split because it detangles the hair very gently and carefully.
  • Dyeing: Dyeing too often damages your hair; it’s no secret. Because the dyeing methods dry out the hair, split ends are more likely to occur. So you shouldn’t dye your hair too often, at least not the tips.


Cut Split Ends

Ultimately, only cutting them off helps against split ends. But there are various tricks to do this:

If the hairdressing appointment is still a long way off and your hair looks completely broken, you can grab the split ends yourself at home: A relatively thin strand of hair is curled up at the tip. The small ends with division end stick out on their own; you can also carefully stroke them with your fingers. These small ends are then cut off with hairdressing scissors. In this way, you can bridge the time until the next hairdresser appointment.

You can then ask the hairdresser himself about a particular treatment: the CareCut. This isn’t a haircut, more like a way to cut your hair and put an end to the split. They are cut with electrically heated scissors, which heat seal the ends and thus prevent split ends in the long term.

Anti-Split Ends At The Hairdresser’s

Bleaching and dyeing with hydrogen can dry out the hair structure and make it brittle. Therefore, instead of twelve, six to nine percent hydrogen should be used, acting for a more extended period. The hair is thus less stressed without affecting the result. Hairdressers like to offer unique anti-split cuts for damaged hair. “This involves twisting strands into cords and brushing them against the tuft of hair with your fingers. that the split ends spread apart and can then be cut off”. From methods like “candle cutting,” in which split ends with a candle burned off, you should keep your fingers off: the ends of the hair get encrusted, they tear when you comb them, and the split ends are back.

Candle Cutting

That sounds like heat, and it’s not that good in connection with hair. That’s true in itself, but this method is prevalent in Brazil: Similar to cutting split yourself, the hair is twisted so that the split ends stick out. Then these ends are burned down with a candle. The deserted ends are then cut off. The method is controversial because the heat is more damaging to the hair, and some say that the lots are destroyed in this way. You should get an idea for yourself – but don’t try it at home! Because hair then burns faster than you think, and none of us want a strand of hair that has been burned off.

Care Products Against Split Ends

Well-groomed hair is less likely to have split and less likely to break. Mostly care means: moisture. But there are also unique sealing products against split ends.

Garnier has the “Schaden Loscher” care range, developed precisely for split or hair breakage problems. Everything is included in shampoo or nourishing oil to make the hair look new again.

The “Pro Fiber” series from Loreal Expert contains repairing molecules anchored in the hair and thus remain in the hair even after rinsing. There is also a primary treatment applied by the hairdresser and care products that can be used at home.

Lavera offers a hair tip fluid that uses vegetable keratin to strengthen damaged and brittle hair and thus prevent split ends. You use it after washing, so you don’t rinse it out, and you can massage some of it into the tips in between.

A well-known but also expensive brand for hair care products is Kerastase. The French company has developed a balm for the ends of the hair that strengthens and plumps up, making split ends disappear.

The Care Of Split Ends

The most important thing is to prevent the hair from losing moisture anymore. Correct care, therefore, contains ingredients such as glycerine and panthenol. These substances seal each coat with a protective layer that locks in moisture. Memorable care lines such as the new “Pro Fiber” series from Loreal Professionnel have been developed precisely for damaged hair needs.

They also contain repairing and regenerating molecules (APTYL 100) that anchor themselves in the hair – even after rinsing. In this way, the structure can be partially rebuilt and strengthened within six weeks. Care products with keratin (such as the “Keratin Hair Perfection Conditioner” from Syoss) are recommended: The natural fiber protein smooths the surface, repairs damage, and creates a new protective layer.

Styling Hair With Split Ends

The woman is herself: A few practical strategies can prevent dehydration.

  • Do not rub your hair after washing, but let it dry in a towel turban.
  • Warm, damp hair is susceptible and tears easily. A cold rinse makes it measurably more resilient.
  • When brushing, go gently through wet hair, do not tear hard. The “Tangle Teezer” detangles the hair gently with its flexible, plastic bristles of different lengths. Brushes with natural bristles are a natural alternative. Coarse-toothed combs are particularly suitable for curly hair. But be careful: stay away from poorly made combs with strong plastic seams! They tear up the structure of the hair.
  • Also, heat dries out and makes the cell structure friable. Therefore, never dry and style your hair without a protective spray.
  • Hold the hairdryer at least five centimeters away from the hair and set it to no more than the medium heat setting. Who, Lockenstae & Co used straighteners, should be high-quality devices with¬†
  • Keramikbeschich-tung invest, no hotter than 185 degrees. The coating distributes the heat evenly over the hair.
  • Blow-dry the damaged tips using a round brush. This will make you look fuller and healthier.
  • Then add a little hair oil such as “Elixir Ultime” from Keeastase. That seals and gives a new bounce.
  • Ponytail? It can also be used on damaged hair. The twisted “Invisi bobble” hair ties distribute the pressure on the hair evenly and gently hold it together.

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