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High Blood Pressure: Natural Remedies And Prevention

They are fed with a bit of salt and a lot of Omega 3. Excellent olive oil, garlic, and oats. No smoking, no physical activity, and few spirits. When drugs become indispensable. High blood pressure is a risk that runs 20 percent of the adult Italian population. Trouble arises from the waste we make with a bad diet, a sedentary life, or bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. To run for cover, never as in this case, prevention is crucial, starting with natural remedies, which we can resort to every day.

Natural Remedies High Pressure

Natural remedies to counteract high blood pressure go in three directions, as you can see in detail: nutrition, physical activity , lifestyle. For the first point, there are foods to eat in abundance (from fruit to vegetables to those containing omega 3) and foods to avoid (any product with a high percentage of salt ). 

Physical activity, constant and without exaggeration, is perhaps the primary natural remedy for hypertension and helps, in a simple way, to reduce weight, which instead is a factor that causes high blood pressure. As for lifestyles, the two most frequent things to avoid are smoking and the consumption of alcohol and spirits.

When Is The Pressure High?

There are several stages of high blood pressure. In the initial ones, however, not to be underestimated, the maximum pressure is between 140 and 159, while the minimum can vary from 90 to 99. Instead of hypertensive crisis, we speak from the emergency room, when the maximum exceeds 180 and 110. Pay attention to some particular circumstances that can affect the pressure measurement. In the morning, it is higher, while it tends to fall during the night. It is higher after eating and in the presence of particular emotional situations.

Which Disorders Does High Pressure Bring

High blood pressure is not, as such, a disease, but a risk factor, exceptionally high when combined with other risk factors (for example, obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption) for all the most severe cardiovascular diseases. The reason why hypertension, even if transient, should never be underestimated. 

Arterial hypertension is systolic if the abnormal values ​​only concern the maximum. It is called diastolic if the minimum values ​​are altered. Systolic-diastolic hypertension occurs when both the minimum and maximum values ​​are excessive. High blood pressure disorders, especially in the initial phase, are the following:

  1. Ringing in the ears, i.e., tinnitus and tinnitus
  2. Headache, especially in the morning
  3. Nausea and vomiting
  4. Lightheadedness and dizziness
  5. Change in vision with bright spots in front of the eyes or black vision
  6. Nosebleed
  7. Cold sweats
  8. Sense of anxiety

These disorders are also considered the apparent symptoms of hypertension. But beware: high blood pressure is also called a “silent killer” because it appears without obvious symptoms. And this makes it even more insidious, while it should push people who tend to abnormal values ​​to keep it under control at home, with a straightforward, periodic measurement.

What Are The Causes Of Hypertension

Unfortunately, few specific causes explain hypertension. Still, we can make a reliable picture of the decisive factors, distinguishing primary hypertension (linked to specific reasons) from secondary hypertension (related to other pathologies). In the case of primary hypertension, apart from the three decisive factors such as risk factors (nutrition, little physical activity, poor lifestyles), some come from afar and are more challenging to deal with. 

We are talking about a genetic predisposition of our organism, familiarity with high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, depression, aging, and a sedentary lifestyle. In the case of secondary hypertension, the most common causes are severe kidney and heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, pregnancy, sleep apnea syndrome, drug use, some medications such as birth control pills.


What To Do Immediately In Case Of High Pressure?

Once it is clear that the genesis of your high blood pressure is not linked to a specific episode (stress, emotions, particular efforts, etc), but it is something more structural, do not waste time in unnecessary waiting and insidious do-it-yourself therapies. Talk to your doctor, and he will give you the proper indications for treatment. 

And in particular, it will be the doctor who will decide if you need to start immediately with drug therapy, or if you can first try to lower the pressure with natural remedies—starting with food choices, physical activity, and a lifestyle, minimizing or eliminating cigarettes and the consumption of super alcoholic beverages.

Natural Remedies For High Pressure

However, some natural remedies can help counter high blood pressure: to begin with, olive oil and salad, two essential foods of our Mediterranean diet. This wild protective mix can prevent any heart disease. Nutrition plays a vital role in preventing hypertension: this is associated with the need to reduce alcohol consumption strongly, stop smoking, and increase physical activity.

How To Prevent Hypertension

Even some specific foods can be helpful in the treatment of hypertension. However, your doctor’s opinion is still necessary to exclude any complications caused by certain diseases such as diabetes hyperthyroidism. Let’s see what they are:


It promotes vasodilation and prevents the formation of blood clots: it is sufficient to include a clove of garlic a day in our diet to obtain these benefits. Not to mention that garlic also has an antibacterial function and positively affects cholesterol.


It contains a large amount of soluble fiber, which can lower harmful cholesterol levels, which, in turn, can lead to increased blood pressure.

Omega 3

These are the famous acids that perform a protective function both regarding the cardio-vascular system and pressure. You can find them in a long line of foods, starting with fish or even in packs of cod liver oil, liquid, or pills.

To combat hypertension, it is essential:

  1. Considerably reduce the consumption of salt, a natural enemy for those suffering from this pathology. In any case, do not exceed 5 grams of sodium per day, being careful of what is hidden in food.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. And also fish, whole grains and nuts
  3. Avoid stress as much as possible and counteract it with relaxing exercises.
  4. Move continuously, from 30 to 60 minutes a day. It is also enough to walk, ride a bike and take the stairs on foot.
  5. Do not smoke: the cigarette is an enemy of pressure, and a mouthful of smoke, even passive, immediately raises its values
  6. Substantially reduce the consumption of alcohol and spirits.
  7. Carry out periodic medical checks to keep your health under control. And in any case, from time to time, take a self-measurement of blood pressure, at home or in the pharmacy.

Drugs Against High Pressure

Given that lifestyle and diet are decisive against high blood pressure, there are cases for which the values ​​do not fall within the norm even by settling these two vital aspects. And then, always and only on the doctor’s advice, we resort to drugs. Many effective medicines are now to lower blood pressure and normalize it, ranging from ACE inhibitors to Beta-blockers. 

The choice must be made based on the doctor’s decisions, who will evaluate indications for the best therapies and any contraindications and then choose the most suitable drug. The sure thing, whatever medicine is selected and prescribed, is about timing. The drug treatment of hypertension certainly lasts for years, but it can also last for a lifetime in many cases. But at least this avoids worse troubles.

Weight And High Pressure

There is a very close link between weight and high blood pressure. Obese people, or even overweight, certainly have higher than average blood pressure values. And the heart makes a special effort to pump blood, hence the more significant risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attack. 

Conversely, blood pressure is reduced by one millimeter of mercury for every kilogram of weightlessness. We could conclude that defeating hypertension is won first and foremost with average body weight. But which one should we consider an average body weight? Just keep the waistline under control: it should not exceed 100 centimeters for men. For women, 85 centimeters.

What Not To Eat With High Pressure?

Since salt is the main enemy of blood pressure, people with hypertension need to stay away from naturally salty foods. Let’s think, for example, of all sausages. But to these, we must also add aged cheeses, snacks, and sauces rich in fat. Also, pay attention to fried and sautéed. They are small sacrifices, but making them is worth it for our health.


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