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See How To Take Care Of Nail Health With These Eight Tips

Biologically, nails protect the tips of the fingers against trauma and shocks, and they also help in the manipulation of small and thin objects. In addition to being related to aesthetics, observing the health of nails can help detect possible changes in the human body.

Unexpectedly, due to social isolation, people spend most of their time at home and do more household chores, with more excellent handling of products, especially cleaning products, which results in damaged and brittle nails.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on changes that may indicate the beginning of problems to have a healthy life. In this way, the appearance of our nails can say a lot about our health, such as the lack of vitamins in the case of dry and brittle nails or the presence of white spots, which can mean a lack of zinc and iron in the body or an allergic reaction to products. We list some tips to make your nails strong, beautiful, and healthy. Could you keep reading to discover them?

Take Care Of Your Food

Maintaining a balanced diet is the key to preventing various diseases and provides the intake of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. So, to have strong and healthy nails, add sources of vitamin C to your diet, such as oranges, papayas, and strawberries; sources of biotin, such as fish and whole grains; and sources of vitamin B complex, such as meat, milk, and eggs.

Many already know this is an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, it must be consumed daily, in specific amounts, and everyone must follow a diet rich in calcium from childhood.

As old age is characterized by weakening bones and other problems resulting from old age, such as dry skin, it is interesting to recommend calcium supplementation. Studies have already revealed that it prevents bowel cancer, osteoporosis, and caries and brings several benefits to the body. For example, it strengthens bones and has a beneficial action on blood clotting and muscle contraction.

Don’t Forget About Hydration

Moisturize the cuticles with oil or silicone daily, making circular movements. Thus, specific products for the region tend to penetrate the keratin, strengthening the structure and promoting nail growth.

Avoid Using Gel Nails And Gel Polishes

Due to the chemicals used in these procedures, false nails can weaken your natural nail. In addition, the gel in the nail polish favors drying.

Keep Your Nails Free Of Nail Polish For A Few Days

Avoid uninterrupted use of nail polish. Above all, to preserve the hydration of the nails, it is essential to keep them without enamel for 48 hours between enamels.

Do Not Remove Cuticles

Cuticles protect the nails from microorganisms that cause infections and inflammation. Therefore, remove only excess skin without obliterating the cuticle. In other words, cuticles are a protective barrier for the nails.

Use Acetone-Free Removers

When used in excess, acetone becomes an aggressive substance: it dries out the nails, making them brittle. Currently, the market presents several options for removers that moisturize nails. So, it pays to research and choose products that treat while removing nail polish.

Keep Your Instruments Clean

Pliers and spatula should always be disinfected after use to prevent the spread of disease and contamination. However, if you choose to have your nails done at a manicure, always bring your instruments, or make sure that the professional’s material has been adequately sterilized.

It is worth remembering that health is in the small details. In this sense, seeking medical advice for an accurate diagnosis is the best measure to be taken in the event of any changes in your body. Therefore, wash and hydrate your hands well and use products that help care for your nails.


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