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Skincare Routine: Daily Habits For Healthy Skin 

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin can be an almost impossible mission, but I can tell you it’s not. Daily we are exposing our skin to several villains, which, if not taken care of, can harm our skin’s health. One of these villains is pollution, which can trigger an increase in the production of free radicals, which are the leading causes of cell aging. 

In addition to pollution, our skin is exposed to makeup and beauty products, which often only overload and damage our skin. You need to understand that these villains will always be present, and of course, you need to try to control specific exposures, but the most important thing is to take care of your skin; it is to have habits that will make it armored against these villains.

In this article, I will show you eight daily habits that will improve your skin’s health, not only in aesthetics but also in your skin’s nutrition, improving it from the inside out. First, you should already know that our skin is a layer that has a large amount of protein. 

Thinking about these habits, the most basic is that your food delivers adequate amounts of protein. Collagen, for example, is an essential protein to make your skin firm, elastic and healthy. Of the structural proteins, collagen is the most produced, producing 70% of all structural proteins.

Collagen can be consumed through food, protein source foods such as animals and some vegetables. But it is also produced in our organisms through amino acids forming collagen. Important! Not only is collagen made of proteins, but some specific vitamins and minerals are essential to maintain skin health and beauty. 

We’ll wait to get into the eight habits, but the basics must be reinforced, right? People often look for magic formulas and miraculous products and need to realize there is no point in spending lots of money since the basics are not being done every day in the best possible way.

One of these essential attitudes to make your skin healthy and that should be top 1 in your life is adequate water consumption. Water is vital for your skin’s health; it drives all nutrients through circulation to your face and hydrates dry skin. To know the amount of water you should drink, you need to do a multiplication container; you will take your weight and make 35 ml of water.  

How To Create A Skincare Routine?

Now you’re ready to know these successful daily habits for healthy skin. We discussed the importance of nutrition; food is the key to healthy skin. We couldn’t start different our first habit 

1. Drink Water 

You are not a camel, so drink water. It is always essential to meet the amounts ingested during the day. Don’t let thirst appear to ingest water. 

2. Healthy Eating 

It can be straightforward, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you might think that healthy eating is one thing and actually another. Healthy eating is not about spending money on super expensive foods, called “fit,” or buying fancy foods like “pink salt”; this is not having a healthy diet. Truly eating healthy food means that your food base needs to deliver foods that come from nature, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, tubers, and legumes, and reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods that have a large number of sugars and fats.  

3. Sunscreen 

Ultraviolet rays are essential for synthesizing vitamin D in the body, but after 15 minutes a day, it is essential to apply sunscreen to the skin. This will ensure protection and hydration of the skin, avoiding dryness or diseases related to high sun exposure. 

4. Hydration 

Here we can include skin care, in general, hydration before and after makeup, and additional products to reduce day-to-day oiliness. Hydration will also play its part in increasing nutrients essential for skin health. Don’t just buy products by name; check if that type of product those ingredients there will be compatible with your skin type. 

5. Cleaning 

This step is often overlooked, but it is essential to maintain skin health. It is not enough to take a bath with soap; on the skin of the face, you must have soap of your own for this cleaning. In addition, using specific products to remove the rest of the makeup that stays deeper in our skin is essential to reduce oiliness and the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Maintaining a skincare routine will provide you with deeper cleaning and daily hydration

6. Collagen 

Here we talk about the basics of having a good food base for healthy and beautiful skin. Collagen is a necessary protein for the skin precisely because it makes up the skin. We now know that food is the way to increase collagen production, as amino acids from food will be responsible for forming collagen. Collagen production begins to decline as we age, and this is also exacerbated when, through our diet, there is a decrease in protein intake.  

7. Specific Products For Your Skin 

We had talked about the importance of using specific soaps to clean your face, but you also need to have other products to clean your face type. It’s only possible to have a soft, clean, hydrated and healthy face by knowing what products are needed for your skin type. This will help improve many signs of unhealthy skin. 

8. Sleeping 

It also improves skin health. Sleeping well is not just the amount of time you spend lying down but the quality of your sleep. Sleep is restorative and refreshing when your body is putting everything in place. Quality sleep will decrease dark circles and aging marks on the face.


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