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Why Choose Herbal Face Creams

The beauty of the skin cannot ignore its health, and among the specific cosmetic products for the face, herbalist creams stand out for the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients, let’s find out why Buying herbal face creams offers many advantages, especially for the quality of the materials with which they are formulated. To choose your beauty cream, you must first know your skin type to purchase the most specific cosmetic product for your face: in this case, the herbalist, observing the person, will be able to recommend the most suitable one.

Regardless of whether it is an oily skin type or dry skin, the skin of the face represents our health index and age parameter, and to keep it always at its best, it must be cared for and hydrated. Moisturizing the epidermis means giving it the right amount of water. The first rule is to drink a lot of water, at least two liters a day, especially in summer, and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, natural sources of vitamins and mineral salts that exert an antioxidant action on the cells of the tissues throughout the body.

The Ingredients Of Herbal Creams

The ingredients with which herbal creams are made come from nature: the raw materials are distinguished from those synthesized in the laboratory for their affinity with the skin. For this reason, the molecules that make up cosmetic products are recognized and assimilated by our bodies much more quickly with immediate results.

  1. Vegetable oils are a wonderfully concentrated source of the nutrients necessary for life, including vitamins A and E, minerals, and a particular group of substances, the so-called ” essential fatty acids. ” Today, researchers are finding their mysteries, and they have seen that some of them fundamentally further develop skin conditions. The nourishing action combined with the emollient and elasticizing properties makes these substances capable of preventing wrinkles and stretch marks and giving tone and vigor to the tissues. They are also helpful in reducing skin redness, inserted in natural creams with soothing virtues against irritated or inflamed tissues. Among these oils, rosehip oil, natural germ oil, and jojoba oil stand out for their effectiveness.
  2. Herbs and medicinal plants are used for their collagen content and specific functional capacities that they give to cosmetic products. First, we find horsetail and aloe, able to hydrate, soothe and repair all tissues, stimulating cell regeneration. Other vegetables are used for their purifying action, such as burdock; lightening and brightening, such as licorice and sweet acids found in citrus fruits. Finally, we remember calendula and chamomile for their calming and soothing properties.
  3. Essential oils: face creams commonly found in herbal medicine do not need to use perfumes derived from petrochemical or synthetic solvents because the plants provide the best natural aromas. In addition to delighting us with their smell, you can take advantage of the potent antibacterial property that improves the action of other natural preservatives and their specific virtues on the skin. Among the most used is the essential oil of rose because it is suitable for all skin types; it calms inflamed or delicate skin while carrying out an astringent, toning, and anti-wrinkle action on the sensitive, dry or mature one.
  4. Natural products most used in natural cosmetics are those of the hive, such as honey, propolis, royal jelly, clay, and foods such as yogurt or shea butter. These substances are natural cure-alls, capable of nourishing,  demineralizing, and naturally purifying the skin. Whether you want to give vent your creativity in preparing homemade creams or prefer to go to a herbalist’s shop to find specific products for skin care and beauty, these ingredients make face creams unique and compelling.


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