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Why Do You Need Sunscreen Even In Winter?

Even if the sun is barely shining now, you need protection from its rays in autumn and winter as well. With which sun creams you are now best positioned

Many people think that sunscreen should only be used on the beach. Or in the outdoor pool. But above all: In summery weather. We say: Please don’t! Un-tanned skin is susceptible to light, which makes sun protection important in winter.

We’ll tell you why this is so – and how you can sensibly care for and protect your skin, even in the supposedly low-sun months, to prevent skin aging.


Do You Need Sun Protection In Winter?

You don’t get a sunburn in winter, so why should you use sunscreen? A lot of people think so. “Fatal, because the sun is now weaker, but snow and ice reflect the UV rays so much that they can be increased by up to 90 percent,” explains.

In addition, the skin is much more sensitive in the cold season. “It hardly produces any melanin, which is responsible for tanning and thus the skin’s protection.”

By the way: A US study in winter sports areas showed that people wear sun protection when skiing or snowboarding – but especially on clear, sunny days, not when the sky is overcast, even though there is still a risk of skin damage.

Should I Always Wear Sunscreen?

“In the snow-capped mountains, high UV filters are compulsory from the first minute; without snow in the plains, you can make protection dependent on the time spent outdoors,” recommends the skincare expert.

The UV index (UVI) provides good information about the intensity of the sun’s rays. The internationally standardized measure reveals how strongly the sun is shining. The higher the value, the higher the sun protection factor should be. For comparison, a UVI of 1-2 is considered below, as is customary in this country between October and March. So the risk of sunburn is low. Where studies show that there is also a risk of skin damage when a longer time at a UVI is outside under the third

So that means: sunscreen with a low sun protection factor is essential. It does not necessarily have to be applied from minute 1. BUT: Since UV rays are not only responsible for sunburn and skin cancer but also the leading cause of skin aging, you should use a day cream with a sun protection factor every day – even in winter.

Do I Need A Different Sunscreen In Winter Than In Summer?

In everyday life, the following applies: Not mandatory. Unique products for the winter are usually more affluent. That means: They are primarily based on facts, not on the water. That’s nice to have because many people’s skin is drier in winter. And high-fat creams strengthen the skin barrier and thus help to keep the skin’s natural moisture level at that level. For example, Hildegard Braukmann’s Winter Season Face Cream is recommended.

Theoretically, however, daycare with sun protection also works – we love Superdefense SPF 25 from Clinique – or the remainder of the sunscreen from the summer. 

Exceptions confirm the rule: If you go on a skiing holiday, you should invest in a particular winter sunscreen such as the Ladival Aktiv Alpin sun protection and cold combination. Conventional sun creams contain water, which could cause frostbite on your skin if you are outside in freezing temperatures all day.

You need sun protection all year round, not just on a beach holiday or in the outdoor pool. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new product for the winter. If your skin is now drier, a product change is worthwhile. And on a skiing holiday, special winter sun protection is a must-have.

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