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Guide To The Steps For A Complete Face Skincare

Skincare is one of the foundations for your beauty, even if it may seem complicated, and using multiple products could be disorienting. Once you understand the short and beneficial steps, but above all, the order of application of the products, it will be a pleasant cuddle.

A correct skincare routine is possible and is one of the most common habits for those who love to care for themselves and their skin and want to dedicate a moment of their own. With a simple guide and a few essential concepts, resolving any skincare-themed doubts and thinking only of total relaxation is possible.

The Correct Skincare Routine, The Fundamental Steps

For an optimal organization of one’s skincare, it is helpful to follow a sort of “ladder” of necessary gestures which can, as you become familiar, be enriched with new steps. There are, in fact, some fundamental operations that must always be remembered to compose a correct, but above all effective, skincare. The actions to be taken for essential skincare are removing makeup or cleaning, exfoliating, and one must always remember to hydrate. The order of execution of these actions is significant and should not be distorted because it could have the opposite effect on the desired one.

Cleansing, An Essential Step For Skincare

Cleaning is the first and essential step because only in this way can the skin absorb the products’ active ingredients, limiting the first wrinkles, blemishes, or irritations. If you cleanse your skin without makeup, you can use a delicate cleanser twice daily. If you wear makeup, remember to remove makeup with micellar water, butter, or makeup remover oil, and then cleanse your skin with a special soap.

Exfoliation Is The Second Essential Step Of Skincare

After cleansing and removing makeup, you can move on to exfoliation. You need to pay attention to your skin type to evaluate whether using a manual scrub (less invasive) or a chemical exfoliant based on glycolic or salicylic acid is better. Exfoliation is beneficial when you have oily or combination skin, especially if it has pimples or blackheads, but also if the skin color is dull or turns towards gray tones.

Hydration Is An Inevitable Step In Skincare

Once the cleaning steps have been carried out: cleansing and removing makeup, followed by exfoliation, an essential step is a hydration. One or more combined moisturizing products can be applied to the skin. This step is helpful because the products can act more effectively and deeply in this way, guaranteeing the desired effect. If you spend a lot of time away from home, but especially outdoors, it is advisable to remember to add a cream with sunscreen, preferably medium-high, to your beauty routine. This cream is beneficial and essential, mainly if you used an exfoliating product the previous evening. This type of product makes the skin photosensitive and very delicate.

Advanced Skincare Routine, Step By Step

If the main steps for perfect skin care are clear and consolidated, you can add a slightly more advanced treatment to the primary treatment to make this procedure even more effective.

Bonus Tips To Improve Your Skincare Routine

It already seems complicated, but fear not. In this more pro skincare, for example, it is possible to balance the skin’s PH with a tonic after cleansing the face. Hydration can be made more effective with an eye cream or thanks to specific serums or other targeted products before applying the cream. If you have dehydrated skin, on the other hand, it is advisable to apply oil the night before to nourish the skin and wake up with a relaxed and soft face.

The Complete Skincare

If the skincare concepts are consolidated, the basic routine is now speedy, and there are aspects to be improved, or if you want to try new (more effective) solutions, you can switch to a complete skincare routine. This skincare consists of using specific products, perfectly following the order of the products. As for the basic routine, you will have makeup remover and cleanser, moisturizing tonic, exfoliating effect, eye cream, serum or booster, face cream, and oil face.


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