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Healthy Habits: 7 Tips To Avoid A Sedentary Lifestyle In Youth

It was especially young people who, accustomed to a more intense daily life, found it difficult to adapt to this new lifestyle. If before it was common to go out every day to work, study or even see friends, that changed in the pandemic. However, a consequence that was already to be expected became a greater concern to the World Health Organization (WHO).

With this new routine, diseases such as anxiety and depression have significantly increased among young people. In addition to these psychic conditions, we also have a growth in a sedentary lifestyle, which is nothing more than the lack or absence of physical activities. So, with that in mind, here are 7 simple tips to help you create a new routine and not get carried away by a sedentary lifestyle. 

Try To Spend Less Time Sitting

If you already work or study sitting all day, take breaks. One suggestion is to regulate your schedules to have time to walk during your break, either close to home or inside your residence.

When you’re going to take a break during a break from classes or work, you can also stretch. Another tip is that if your work involves phone calls, you can answer them standing up. Thus, these small changes can make a lot of difference in your everyday life and maintaining your physical health.

Swap The Elevator For The Stairs

Try replacing the elevator or escalator you use every day with regular stairs. In addition to being great exercise and improving your health, you’ll also boost your spirits to get on with your day. 

If the floor is very high, try to walk at least half the way by the stairs and the other half by the elevator. Thus, this can be a good start to avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Whenever Possible, Opt For Walking Routes 

If you are used to using some type of transport, such as a car, bus or transport app, try to change this habit gradually. So, start by going to nearby places on foot to get used to the route. But cycling is also a good option if you have difficulty or don’t like walking.

But, to adhere to this tip, at first, it will require some clarification for those who are used to using the car constantly. However, walking can be a great way to start avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and fight it if you already find yourself in this condition.

Check out some benefits of walking:

  • helps strengthen the lungs;
  • fights osteoporosis ;
  • improves symptoms of depression and anxiety;
  • increases the feeling of well-being;
  • decreases drowsiness;

Create A Healthy Eating Routine

In addition to exercise, food is one of the most important points when it comes to overcoming a sedentary lifestyle. Pro-processed foods are always easier and more practical, but they could be more nutritious. 

So this can also result in a lack of mood and well-being, as healthy eating is essential for the organism’s proper functioning and quality of life.

Here are some simple tips to get you started eating better:

  • avoid fast food, try to consume less salt and sugar;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day;
  • reduce food with preservatives;
  • control the consumption of vegetable oils and butter;
  • always try to vary the dish to keep it as colorful as possible with vegetables and vegetables;
  • swap afternoon snacks for fruit;

Try To Do More Housework 

Instead of taking your free time to browse social media without moving much; you can use that time to do simple household chores. Therefore, this strategy can also be a way to move your body.

Create Goals That Are Easy To Achieve

Setting hard-to-achieve goals can be overwhelming and lead to frustration. So, always try to respect your time and body so that it doesn’t discourage you. 

Therefore, the tip is to start slowly; create small goals each day and seek to keep changing your routine instead of just focusing on the number of goals.

Staying regular is a very important point to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You don’t need to focus all your time or attention on behavior changes or physical exercises, do them frequently. 

Find The Right Workout For You

Practicing exercises or physical activity is the most important tip on our list to help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle or fight it.

In addition to walking or focusing on food, exercise must be intertwined with all these changes to help your body feel more energized and better.

Physical exercises help release endorphins, a natural hormone our body produces. This hormone is responsible for well-being and joy and can help combat psychological illnesses like anxiety and depression.


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