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How To Awaken Energy: Cold Shower!

I was surprised to hear how my body reacted positively: the pressure rose, giving me back strength and energy. In a few moments, I felt full of strength and effectively reactivated.

Before climbing another 500 meters, the right thing was to awaken the whole organism and activate the vital energy, and the best way in that context was a nice dip in the icy waters! Since then, I’ve started cultivating a habit I can’t lose today: taking a cold shower when I wake up. 

After twenty years of this practice I can’t even think of being able to take a hot shower in the morning… in the evening yes, in fact, it’s fine but in the morning not! It would only make me dumber than I am already rolling out of bed 🙂 Many of my students, especially during the intensive winter courses where we retreat for over two weeks, are convinced to try this simple practice and discover that the tendency to feel cold vanishes after a few days. One has great energy, and above all, one is freer to do things without the worry of covering yourself with a thousand layers of fleece 🙂

Today I recommend everyone to try to make this healthy habit. The best thing is to start when autumn approaches when the climate is not yet too harsh and to keep in the habit of taking a cold shower as winter approaches. Once you get this habit, it’s hard to break it… it brings too many benefits! And then we know: heat consumes, cold preserves. If you care about slowing down the aging of your organs and tissues, start establishing a healthy relationship with the cold! Whoever does it, in the end, considers him a friend!

The Benefits Of The Cold Shower:

  1. Improve circulation
  2. Stimulates the immune system
  3. Reestablishes the tone and versatility of the skin
  4. Prevents varicose veins 
  5. Removes energy stagnations
  6. Fight depression
  7. Causes the elimination of excess fat
  8. Cold preserves, you know, and therefore removing this heat and bringing freshness will keep you young for longer!

How To Take A Cold Shower:

The position is important: Get on your knees (the position in which the energy field is collected), start from the pelvic area, then move on to the belly and back lumbar area. Here are the Muladhara Chakra (which gets very hot at night) and the Manipura Chakra (which regulates body temperature). By stimulating these Chakras first, the entire organism frees itself from the internal heat accumulated during the night (in fact, during the night, the body works to prepare for elimination and overheats, which is why one feels cold upon awakening) and reactivates itself by regulating itself to welcome the cold and stabilize its temperature.

Then move on to the rest of the body, wetting the limbs last. Usually, one is led to think that starting from the periphery is best, but it is not; seeing is believing. Start with freshwater, just one or two degrees colder than your body and increase daily until you take a real cold shower.  Finally: If it scares you, start in autumn, when the first “shy cool” arrives and continue throughout the winter. From that point onward, you won’t have the option to manage without it!


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