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How To Stay Healthy In Front Of The Routine?

Having or at least maintaining a healthy routine is fundamental for all those who wish to have a balanced body and mind and, more than that: work harmoniously.

Even in the face of a pandemic, many people maintain some routine and are different from what most think and even believe it is possible to be healthy both from a physical and mental point of view.

Thinking about helping you with this issue, we created an article to guide you about health in the face of routine. We will show that through small actions, great results come to light.

If you are looking for health but the routine is getting in your way, the following reading is mandatory. It will be the starting point for the long-awaited change.

It All Starts With Planning

The first step towards a healthy routine begins with planning. When there is no prior organization, it is necessary to accept everything that happens, and let’s face it; this is not healthy at all.

Just imagine the following situation: you went to work, and in the middle of the day, you felt hungry, but you didn’t have anything to eat. The chance of ending up eating something unhealthy is very high.

With prior planning, it is possible to have some healthy options available, such as fruit, natural yogurt, or a mix of nuts. So, keep in mind that you need to plan to get anywhere.

There are two types of planning: The broad and the momentary.

In comprehensive planning, aspects of times and dates are defined, such as time to work, practice physical activities, and leisure. Generally, this planning is done only once and can be of significant duration.

On the other hand, Momentary planning is renewed frequently and mainly involves shopping for meals, training changes, and one-off goals (which change over time).

So, if you seek to stay healthy in front of the routine, start planning.

Food Is The Mainstay Of Health

When talking about health, we must remember that food is the most critical pillar in this regard.

After all, it is through food that the body will obtain the energy needed to face and cope with the entire daily routine.

When we talk about food, remember that simple works very well. Eating real food, fruits, vegetables, and salads, avoiding skipping meals, and not giving up on treats frequently bring surprising results.

Another important point when we talk about food is to think about balance: everything that is too rigid or too liberal ends up getting out of control at some point.

Remember To Hydrate

As important as eating is maintaining adequate water consumption. Although it is clear to everyone the importance of drinking water, this is only sometimes put into practice.

The importance of hydration lies in the fact that physiological reactions of great significance for the functioning of the body need water to occur.

Dehydration makes it challenging to eliminate secretions, affects cognitive performance, hinders intestinal functioning, and even promotes mood swings.

Water keeps the body hydrated. This makes the intestine work better, the skin is more beautiful, swelling is eliminated, and toxins are readily excreted.

Even knowing the importance of hydration, many people say they don’t drink water because they need to remember. If you’re one of those forgetful ones, don’t worry, some simple tips can make hydration a habit.

The main ones are:

  • Keeping a bottle of water in sight at all times.
  • Setting alarms on your cell phone.
  • Resorting to apps that remind you to drink water.

Practice Exercises

Here we have another rather obvious point, but remember that the obvious also needs to be said.

Practicing physical activity has physical and mental benefits. Physical exercise assists in the release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that sends well-being. Therefore, it is not absurd to say that over time we become “addicted” to exercising.

In addition to this powerful mental effect, exercises tend to strengthen the muscles and bring some benefits, such as reducing pain and discomfort from routines (especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting) and increasing strength.

At that moment, you can ask: Ok, but which exercise should I practice? The activity you like best.

Practicing a physical activity that is not pleasurable only increases the chances of giving up and takes you out of a healthy routine. So, know what exercise you like to do and invest in it.

Take Care Of The Mind

Health is the result of physical and mental well-being. So, eating well or practicing physical activities is only possible if your head is in order.

Mental health has never been discussed as much as it is today, and mind care makes more and more sense.

Mind care can occur in the most varied ways. Today, the main indications within this pillar are breathing exercises, guided meditation apps, and regular consultations with a trusted psychotherapist.

In addition, taking care of your social and emotional bonds is also more than valid within this issue.

Keeping a circle of friends and family you can trust to share your problems, celebrate your achievements, and have fun is both important and necessary.

Leisure Is Important

Leisure time is also part of a healthy routine. You have to understand that life does not just work.

Thus, within your comprehensive planning, there also needs to be room for pleasant moments.

When we talk about leisure, these activities can be family-oriented, such as watching movies, and series, taking walks in the open air, and individual activities, such as reading, painting, playing an instrument, or any other type of hobby.

Taking time to enjoy the family and also yourself is fundamental.


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