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Immunity On The Rise: 6 Foods That Help Prevent Disease

Let there be health and resistance to facing this sudden temperature change! For this reason, keeping immunity high, eating correctly, and exercising are essential.

Thinking about it, we separate six powerful foods that help prevent diseases and leave your immunity unshakable. Check out:

Foods That Help Prevent Disease


A powerful antioxidant, garlic is a vital ally in the fight against diseases of all kinds. With Vitamins A and C, garlic consumption increases the immune power of the body’s defense cells.

In addition, this famous spice – widely used in the country as a seasoning – has more than 70 active phytochemicals that help regulate blood pressure and prevent infectious and cancerous diseases.

Due to its strong flavor, garlic is not easy to eat. A tip is to use it in preparing meals as a seasoning or consume dry extract supplements.


Fish generally are very good at strengthening the immune system because they have Omega 3 and 6 in their composition, these essential fats for cholesterol control.

Fish are also excellent for memory; their components actively participate in healing processes, preventing opportunistic bacteria and viruses from appearing.

Its consumption can be made raw, cooked, fried, or roasted. Its immunological properties are reinforced even more when combined with other oxidants, such as onions.


Speaking of onions, we could not fail to mention this critical vegetable that acts in the fight against infections and diseases. Onion consumption helps absorb essential nutrients – such as calcium -which favor the immune system’s resistance.

Its antioxidant properties are of high potential, and its consumption is highly versatile, being able to be combined with the most different ingredients.


Rich in B vitamins and vitamins A and D, eggs could not be missing from this list either.

This food, on most tables, has a complete range of proteins, having almost all the essential amino acids we cannot produce naturally.

Its consumption can be done in several ways, but the fried egg is not recommended in high amounts because it increases bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Prefer hard-boiled eggs.


An undeniable source of fiber, the apple is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory potential, mainly because of its peel, which has quercetin. In addition, the fruit has antihistamines in its composition, which help fight against heart or allergic diseases caused by fungi and viruses.

An apple a day after meals is enough for its properties to start acting on your body and providing its benefits.


Excellent in combating inflammation of various types, ginger mainly contributes to eliminating flu and cold viruses and strengthening the immune system before, during, and after cases of infection.

In addition, ginger helps in blood circulation and neutralizes skin toxins, and it can be consumed in sautéed dishes or marinated meats.

A Balanced Diet And Physical Activity: A Fantastic Combination

A balanced diet helps fight diseases, but physical activity can optimize its effects.

The initial treatment of obesity is through a healthier diet and the habit of practicing physical activities. These situations make a balance of caloric sources in the obese body. But in many cases, complementary treatment is required through medication and even surgery.

Physical activity, in addition to accelerating metabolism, burning calories, and helping to control cholesterol, actively acts as an initiator of chemical processes, helping to absorb the nutrients consumed best.

Various physical activity options include walking, swimming, soccer, dancing, and even yoga. Choose which one fits your style best!

Keeping immunity high is essential, especially with cold and opportunistic diseases. With these foods that help prevent diseases we separate for you, your body will be healthy and relentless!


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