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Six Pineapple Benefits That Will Make Your Life Healthier

Originally from South America, pineapple is one of the most common fruits on the table. It is even more sought after to be consumed cold in the hot season, as it restores energy and hydrates the body. With its high nutritional power, even the fruit peel is used to make juice, as it has more fiber and nutrients than the edible part of the pineapple. Next, learn about other benefits of pineapple for your health.

It Has A High Nutritional Content

Pineapple can be consumed at will, as it is low in calories and contains nutrients, antioxidants, and other essential components such as enzymes, which help fight disease and inflammation. The fruit is also a great source of vitamin A, K, and C (a vitamin responsible for increasing the body’s resistance to some diseases). It contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium.

Vitamin C is essential for growth and development, the immune system’s health, and aiding in the absorption of ingested iron. Manganese contributes to growth, helps, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, and has antioxidant properties.

It Has Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

In addition to many nutrients, pineapple also has a lot of healthy antioxidants. Despite being very important for the functioning of our body, many people do not know what antioxidants are. Antioxidants are molecules that fight the damage caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cellular structures. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving electrons to these molecules.

Antioxidants also help the body fight oxidative stress, which occurs when there are too many free radicals in the body. These radicals interact with the body’s cells and cause damage that is linked to chronic inflammation.

Flavonoids and phenolic acids are the primary antioxidants found in pineapple.

Strengthens The Bones

Pineapple has the power to help strengthen bones. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, the fruit contains about 75% of the amount of manganese that should be ingested daily. This helps in the development of stronger bones and connective tissue. Additionally, a study conducted in 1994 suggested that manganese may also help prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It May help reduce cancer risks.

Cancer arises when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. Disease progression is often linked to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Among the several studies on the benefits of pineapple, one of them showed precisely that the fruit’s components could reduce cancer risks. These components help reduce inflammation and minimize oxidative stress.

The group of digestive enzymes called Bromelain is one such component. Test-tube studies have shown that Bromelain can aid in the fight against cancer.

Two test-tube studies showed that Bromelain quenched the growth of breast cancer cells and stimulated cell death.

Another test also carried out in a test tube showed that Bromelain also suppresses skin, gastric system, bile duct, and colon cancer, among other areas of the body.

Easy To Include In The Diet

Pineapple can be consumed in different ways without losing its characteristic flavor. It can be served in pieces like juice, which can also be made with peel, pizzas, and salads. This way, the fruit can be included in any meal: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.

Reduces Risk Of Asthma

People who consume foods high in nutrients, such as pineapple, are less likely to develop asthma. Beta-carotene, which is found in papaya, pineapple, mango, and other orange, yellow, and dark green foods, is one such nutrient. According to some studies, Bromelain, also found in pineapple, may help reduce asthma symptoms.

These are just a few reasons to incorporate pineapple into your diet and adopt a healthier diet. It is always good to remember that any excess food consumed can harm health. So, add pineapple to your diet in moderation.


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