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Six Skincare That Women Over 50 Need To Have!

Sagging, loss of vigor, blemished and opaque skin… These are some common complaints regarding the effects of time on the skin. The truth is that from a certain age, care, especially with the face, needs to be intensified. 

For women over 50 who know that beauty comes from within but still want to look good, here are some tips for healthier, more beautiful skin

Use Sunscreen Every Day

It may seem silly, but nothing damages the skin more than exposure to the sun, being the leading cause of blemishes, wrinkles, and cancer. Therefore, use sunscreen constantly, preferably for those with SPF 40, at least, and block UVA and UVB rays.

In addition to the face, spread a little on the neck and hands as soon as the skin in these regions is thinner and more sensitive, and reapply the lotion throughout the day.

Exfoliation Is An Essential

One complaint many women over 50 have is that their skin loses some of its glow. At this moment, exfoliation acts, illuminating and revitalizing the skin, getting rid of dead cells.

Exfoliating weekly helps remove waste products and stimulate circulation, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin’s surface for a healthier, glowing appearance. However, be very careful: don’t rub too much, so you don’t hurt yourself. 

Focus On The Eyes

Our eyes are often the first to show signs of aging. In addition, they also suffer from the effects of stress. Fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles keep women over 50 from sleeping.

The truth is, the skin around your eyes gets thinner and thinner over time. Therefore, the creams help give more firmness in this region and relax to minimize the effects of fatigue.

Use The Right Products For Your Skin Type

Choosing your moisturizers and products is essential based on your specific skin type. If you have more sensitive skin, test your neck or arm before using any lotion. If it was great for you a few years ago, it may cause redness, allergy, or not be as effective.

It is common to hear that oily skin has the advantage of taking longer to age, but this is just a myth. Cell tissue ages in the same way and at the same rate. What happens is that the oil produced in greater quantity manages to fill in the lines of the face, hiding the presence of wrinkles.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Even if you have dry skin, you can keep it healthy. It is essential to use moisturizing creams and oils that help retain moisture. Apply in the morning, before makeup, and at night, before bed.

Consider products that contain hyaluronic acid in their formula, as their purpose is, in addition to hydrating, filling, and supporting the skin, thus reducing wrinkles and dark circles. This acid with hydrating and collagen-stimulating properties is found in our own body; however, over the years, its production has decreased and needs to be replaced through treatment.

Take Care Of The Bath

Avoid bathing in boiling water, which strips the skin of natural oils. Instead, use warm water and spray some thermal water on your face.

It is also worth using a bath cream or body oil. They are great allies of hydration, forming a protective film, retaining moisture, and preventing drying of the applied area.


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