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The Lymphatic System: What It Is, What To Do To Help It

Lymph hubs supply antigens to filter liquid-containing poisons, from allergens to malignant growth cells. This liquid is called lymph: More lymph is in the body than blood. However, dissimilar to blood, there is no siphon for lymph.

This liquid should be sifted through waste before being returned to the body’s remainder. Below, I clarify how to make it happen and why it is significant for our well-being.

Unlike the cardiac system, the lymphatic system has no central (heart) pump to force fluid through the vessels. It clots and stagnates if lymph doesn’t move from the small lymph nodes through their ducts into the kidneys and liver. The lymph nodes thus become infected, and we have the so-called  “swollen glands.” Lymph nodes aren’t glands, but the buildup of contaminated lymph fluids leads to all kinds of health complications, some serious.

Why Is The Lymphatic System So Important?

Moving the lymph fluid is especially important for women who wear bras and use underarm deodorants that contain toxins like aluminum. Tightening the body and placing toxins on the skin causes the lymph not to flow properly, and the toxins stagnate, creating infected lymph nodes.

It is known that a sedentary lifestyle promotes poor health. Staying all day long in front of the computer, on the television, lying on the bed, or stopping in the car or on the subway damages our pulmonary, muscular, and circulatory systems and the lymphatic system.

The entire lymphatic system works to allow our body to get rid of toxins and waste products born from the processes that take place in the body itself, from taking medicines,  from polluting substances present in the air and in water, from metals as well as from pesticide residues and food additives present in the food.

A malfunctioning lymphatic system can cause swollen feet and ankles, cellulite, excess weight, headaches, arthritis, weakness, food intolerances, lack of clarity, weak immune system, and mood disorders. Those afflicted with pain, rheumatism, water retention, inflammation, fat deposits, migraines, and eye bags have a high probability of a stagnant lymphatic system.

How To Move The Sap?

  1. Massage brush:  Before the shower, a natural bristle brush can pass over dry skin with circular movements, starting from the feet towards the chest and the fingers towards the chest. It is necessary to perform the massages in the same direction in which the lymph flows, i.e., towards the heart.
  2. Doing physical activity: muscle contractions and relaxations stimulate the flow of lymph, which therefore avoids stagnation by bringing all the toxins into the organs responsible for their disposal;
  3. Basic Bouncer or Rebounding: it is a small trampoline for jumping which has become famous precisely for its effectiveness in stimulating the lymphatic flow and, therefore, the purification of the body: jump for 10-15 minutes every day indoors or outdoors and the strength of gravity will stimulate the lymph. A similar, slightly more challenging exercise is jumping rope;
  4. Breathe deeply:  In our body, lymph circulates in quantities three times greater than blood, but while the blood is pumped by the heart, no organ supports the passage of lymph through capillaries and lymphatic channels. However, it is favored by muscle movements and breathing. Deep breathing performs real lymph pumping action to help transport toxins to the blood and liver. It is for this reason that breathing deeply helps us to free ourselves from toxins;
  5. Drink plenty of water:  If there is not enough water in our body, fluids cannot flow properly. Adding a little fresh lemon juice can help your cells absorb water better. Eliminate carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and packaged fruit juices, rich in sugars, dyes, and preservatives that contribute to making the work of the lymphatic system heavier;
  6. Plenty of fruit and vegetables:  Together with fruit, vegetables are important for providing our body with adequate levels of chlorophyll, which help purify the blood and lymph. For this reason, it is important to include green leafy vegetables such as chicory, rocket, cabbage, and lettuce in your meals. Fruit must be eaten correctly to avoid fermentation,
  7. Beneficial herbal teas: Some herbal teas can help improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. Among the recommended herbs are, for example, echinacea, hydrate, and astragalus;
  8. Alternate hot and cold showers: It is advisable to alternate jets of hot and cold water for several minutes. Heat dilates blood vessels, and cold causes them to contract. This is a suggestion not recommended if you have blood pressure problems or are pregnant;
  9. Lymphatic drainage massage:  Lymphatic drainage massage is a particular type of massage that improves the flow of lymph in the body and helps it get rid of toxins. Each type of massage must be performed delicately since excessive pressure does not allow for stimulating the lymphatic system, unlike what could happen in the case of muscle massage.


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