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What Is The Drainage Massage?

The draining massage is a massage technique to reduce water retention and improve blood circulation. Through a slow and deep manual skill, it drains excess fluids and stimulates the fat cells to dissolve the intertwining of fibers that causes the orange peel appearance of cellulite.

What Is The Draining Massage Used For?

Life today is often very hectic, with little time to relax or dedicate to oneself. Moreover, often for work or for necessity, several hours are spent standing or sitting, resulting in swollen legs and skin imperfections such as cellulite. The effects affect the aesthetics but also the health of your body. The lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment that allows you to obtain various benefits. Let’s see which ones.

  1. Reduces swelling: a draining leg massage minimizes the feeling of tiredness and heaviness, in addition to the visible node from an aesthetic point of view.
  2. Reduction of fluids: the treatment acts against the stagnation of blood and lymphatic fluid.
  3. Action on imperfections: the expulsion of excess fluids makes the lymphatic drainage massage essential if you want to combat skin imperfections, such as the typical orange peel skin.
  4. Relaxing action: the leg massage also acts on the muscles, relaxing contractures and helping to relieve the sense of fatigue. This is why it is present among the treatments of all centers specialized in holistic therapies.
  5. Improves aesthetics: the type of manipulations applied in the lymphatic drainage massage also allows you to act directly on the aesthetic appearance of the legs or belly, eliminating stretch marks and helping give new elasticity and tone to the skin.
  6. Improves the immune system: the general well-being achieved throughout the body, thanks to this massage, increases the body’s ability to counteract any diseases or inflammatory states.

How Is The Draining Massage Done?

The masseur will apply a particular type of manipulations, pressures, and caresses, which act directly on the lymph nodes and muscles, helping the body eliminate excess fluids and stimulate circulation. To this end, a relaxing oil will be used based on the techniques used. Different treatments will be identified; the most common is the Vodder lymphatic drainage massage.

It will be necessary always to contact an expert masseur, who will be able to carry out the treatment at a specialized wellness facility.

Does The Draining Massage Make You Pee?

The answer is yes. If the proper treatment has been carried out, stimulating the lymph nodes and circulation, you will need to go to the bathroom since the body will eliminate the excess fluids that will be drained.

Does Draining Massage Make You Lose Weight?

It is essential to consider that the draining message does not act directly on the accumulation of fat, as in other types of treatments, but in any case, it will have a slimming effect. In fact, through the draining therapies, you get a reduction in weight and the circumference of the legs and belly, thanks to eliminating excess fluids.

The Action Of The Massage

Starting from the proximity of the drainage points (lymph node stations), the channels will be freed to allow excess fluids to flow out without finding obstacles. This will release the spaces between cells of fluid and toxins, significantly reducing water retention and cellulite.

Effects Of Massage

  1. Prevent and treat cellulite and water retention;
  2. Reactivate and improve blood circulation;
  3. Eliminate toxins;
  4. Tone muscles and skin;
  5. Recovery and maintenance of physical fitness;
  6. Leaner legs from the first session.

Duration And Frequency Of Massages

The frequency and duration of the massage depend a lot on what imperfection must be treated and its severity. The sessions are chosen based on the client’s personal situation and can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Usually, we proceed 1/2 times a week for about 8/10 sessions. 


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