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Ten Foods To Eat At Ease Without Getting Fat

Yes, eating some foods at will is possible, even if you are worried about your weight. They are foods rich in fiber and low in calories, which satisfy hunger and favor digestion without the risk of gaining a few pounds.

See Below Ten Items You Can Include On The Menu Without Worrying:


Popcorn is only allowed if you make it without butter or sugar (with just a little salt). A serving of popcorn like this (approximately corresponds to what fits in hand or a small cup) guarantees only 31 calories.


A good plate of eggplants can be devoured in large quantities without weighing on your conscience. A serving of oil-free grilled eggplant contains only 24 calories.


A serving of zucchini contains only 42 calories. It normalizes the balance between water and salt in our bodies, which is an important factor for anyone looking to lose weight.


Cucumber is an essential vegetable for those who want to lose weight: it helps to reduce swelling and healthily lose weight.


They can be consumed at any time of the day, even in those moments of the night when hunger strikes. Remember, it is better to consume boiled eggs than fried eggs.

Lettuce And Arugula

Lettuce and arugula are great sources of folic acid, which can be ingested in large amounts. A lettuce leaf has no more than three calories.


A large number of vitamins in blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries help our body burn fat. In addition, blackberries have diuretic properties and, therefore, help fight fluid retention.


Sugar-free gelatin can be consumed at will! It helps fill your stomach and gives your body and brain a feeling of fullness without adding enough calories to sabotage your diet.


This delicious fruit is a great ally for those who want to lose weight. The bromelain enzyme in the fruit actively dissolves the fat and helps digest proteins.

Watermelon And Melon

These fruits have only 60 and 70 calories, respectively, per slice. Melons and watermelons help eliminate excess bodily fluid and satisfy the appetite.

Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight? Discover The Truth!

You already know that coffee is one of the world’s oldest and most consumed drinks, but did you know that it can increase our physical and mental potency?

Coffee is the main source of caffeine worldwide, a substance known for its stimulant properties. In addition to providing a dose of extra energy to face the day, it has several actions in the body, such as stimulation of the central nervous system, lipolysis, diuresis, and improved respiratory and muscular capacity.

After All, Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Oh yeah, back to the main topic of this article: yes, coffee can help you lose weight if combined with regular physical exercise and a balanced diet.

Helps you lose weight: Several studies point out coffee consumption contributes to weight loss. This is because the caffeine in the drink causes a thermogenic action in our body, increasing caloric expenditure.

It’s good for the muscles: the caffeine in coffee will spare glucose from the skeletal muscle; the greater the amount of glucose in power, the further it is from fatigue and still increases and facilitates calcium entry into the force.

Improves exercise performance: Due to the stimulating action of caffeine, coffee will help people to get more energy to exercise. The drink will stimulate the activity of muscles during prolonged exercise, which will use fat as a source of energy instead of sugars found in carbohydrates.

Cool huh? But be smart; to eliminate calories, don’t just drink coffee. Eating the right foods before and after physical activity is essential to healthy weight loss and improving training performance!


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